Genshin Impact "Touch the Sword Hilt" Puzzle Guide

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Inazuma is a large and dense location in Genshin Impact, and there are more puzzles than players can shake a stick at.

One of these puzzles seems to be a mystery to many players, zapping them into oblivion whenever they try to figure out what to do.

"Touch the Sword Hilt" Solution

Genshin Impact Electrograna
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ELECTROGRANA: The solution to everything in Inazuma

While many swords are sticking out of the Inazuma earth, some of these swords are Electro-charged and give players an option to "Touch the Sword Hilt."


Once a player touches the hilt, they are blasted with a powerful blast of lightning, dropping their HP like Tartaglia off a high cliff.

The solution to this puzzle is so simple it will make many players smack their foreheads in frustration.

Before touching the sword hilt of one of these charged swords, players need to seek out a Thunder Sakura Bough to obtain an Electrograna.

With an Electrograna protecting them, they can touch the hilt safely.

Doing so will summon a ghostly samurai to battle, with a chest as the reward for defeating it.

It is as simple as that.

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Electrograna Solve Everything

It may seem obvious, but sometimes the most confounding puzzles have simple solutions that take players time to figure out.

Often, fans search for more complicated solutions to problems when the answer lies right in front of them.

With plenty of "Touch the Sword Hilt" puzzles in Inazuma, there are plenty of chests to unlock and Electro Sigils and Primogems to obtain.

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