20 Jul 2021 3:55 PM +00:00

miHoYo release Genshin Impact Soundtrack Album ahead of 2.0 update

We're a matter of hours away from Genshin Impact 2.0, but that doesn't mean you have to sit there in silence and wait for miHoYo's update! There's a new Genshin Impact Soundtrack Album out now and we have everything you need to know about it here.

Genshin Impact OST Album - The Shimmering Isles

If there's one thing Genshin Impact has, it's a good soundtrack. Thankfully, miHoYo are well aware of Yu-Peng Chen's talents and they've compiled a Commemorative Soundtrack Album of music from Genshin Impact Version 1.0.

Here's a quick quote from miHoYo from their Facebook post announcing the album...

" Genshin Impact's Version 1.0 Commemorative OST album "The Shimmering Voyage" is out now! The album's four discs "Fairytale of the Isles," "Blazing Stars," "Roar of the Formidable," and "A Stranger's Sojourn," feature 68 remarkable tracks composed by Yu-Peng Chen HOYO-MiX and produced by the HOYO-MiX team, each one an original composition from Genshin Impact."

As you can see above, the Genshin Impact Soundtrack Album has 68 tracks and it should take up to an hour and 45 minutes to listen through in total.

Where To Listen To The Soundtrack Album?

There are currently three places you can listen to the new Genshin Impact Soundtrack Album while you wait for the release of Genshin Impact 2.0.

Spotify and Apple Music are both streaming the album in its entirety and you can follow the relevant links to find it on either platform.

In addition to this, you can listen to each Disc on YouTube. Disc 1 - The Shimmering Isles - and Disc 2 - Blazing Stars - can be found below:


You can also listen to Disc 3 - Roar of the Formidable - and Disc 4 - A Stranger's Sojourn - below: