Images of Genshin Impact's Tsurumi Island Leak

Leaks of Genshin Impact 2.2's Tsurumi Island are starting to circulating, showing the island to be an inhabitable place.

While much of Inzazuma has been dangerous for players to initially explore, Tsurumi may be the most terrifying yet, filled with the souls of the deceased.

Tsurumi Island Images and Map

Genshin Impact Tsurumi Island Map
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Credit: @ImpactYoimiya
MAP: Leaked map of Tsurumi Island

Thanks to @ImpactYoimiya, the map for Tsurumi Island is available online for players to peek at before Genshin Impact 2.2's official release in October 2021.


Consisting of seven Waypoints, two Waverider Waypoints, and a Statue of the Seven, Tsurumi Island also has seven different regions for players to explore

Also leaked is a bit of video from the Genshin 2.2 Beta.

By the looks of it, Tsurumi Island is a place where Hu Tao will feel right at home.

In the above video, Genshin Impact players can clearly see the souls of the departed hovering almost as far as the eye can see.

While the entire island is not expected to look like this, something major happened here that players will most likely have to get to the bottom of.

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