Genshin Impact Electro Crystals: Where to find them, How to harvest them & How to use them!

Genshin Impact is a game with incredible depth, featuring a large variety of different materials.

One such material is Electro Crystals, which can be useful as the game progresses.

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at what Electro Crystals do in Genshin Impact, how you can find them, and what to do with them!

What are Electro Crystals?

Electro Crystals are crystals found throughout the map of Genshin Impact.

The description on the Genshin Impact wiki says that they are a ‘power-rich’ crystal.

This power likely comes from the fact that it “draws electricity from the air around it”.

Where can I find them?

Electro Crystals are predominantly found in Cape Oath.

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TREK ACROSS THE WORLD: The crystals can be found in and around Cape Oath

However, be warned, as it seems the games hint of “under the cliffs” is a bit of a Red Herring, as more are found elsewhere.

Whilst you may indeed find some there, we recommend teleporting to Cape Oath and moving North to find more nodes.

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Once you have found the crystals, you then need to harvest them, let’s move on to that now.

How to harvest the crystals

To harvest these crystals, you need to first use a character with fire elements, or Pyro, such as Amber and Xianling.

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NEW CONTENT: Update 1.1 brought a variety of new content to the game

The next step is simple, as you just need to break the nodes using a Pyro spell.

Once this id done, you can collect the crystals for use.

How to use Electro Crystals

You can use these crystals in the creation of two items.

One is the Shocking Essential Oil, which also requires a frog, coupled with 1 Electro Crystal.

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The other is an Insulation Potion, which you make by pairing an Electro Crystal with 1 set of Butterfly Wings.

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