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Genshin Impact

01 Nov 2020

Genshin Impact: Radish Locations Guide for Marvelous Merchandise Event

It's the final day of the Marvelous Merchandise Event and this time Liben is after Radishes.

Much like apples, radishes have proven tricky to find in the world of Teyvat - use this guide for a helping hand!

Radish Locations

YouTuber Birkhwdaw Gaming has put together a helpful video guide to find Radishes in Geshin Impact.

Check out each location below.

Location #1 - Dawn Winery

First up you'll want to head to Dawn Winery. Birkhwdaw Gaming has helpfully pinpointed exactly where to go using a custom marker - take a look below.

genshin impact radish location dawn winery
X MARKS THE SPOT: Or rather the four leaf clover marks the radishes
genshin impact radish location dawn winery 2
EASY PICKINGS: You'll find some radishes around the back of a small house

Once you head to the marker you'll find a small house. Out the front of the house are some carrots, but if you head to the back of the house you'll find some more carrots accompanied by some radishes.

Location #2 - Dawn Winery

The second location is also in Dawn Winery. You can check out the second custom marker in the picture below

genshin impact radish location dawn winery 3
DOUBLE BUBBLE: There are two locations in Dawn Winery where you can harvest Radishes

As you head towards the custom marker from the first location, you'll come towards another small house.

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genshin impact radish location dawn winery 4 1
PRETTY RAD: You'll find some more radishes to the right of the second house

You'll find some more radishes to the left of the house as you approach it, next to a cart.

genshin impact radish location dawn winery 5
WORTH A SHOT? Birkhwdaw explores a third location behind the second house but doesn't find any radishes

Birkhwdaw Gaming also has a look around another house, behind the location of the second location - they don't seem to find any radishes but it may be worth a look.

Location #3 - Springvale

The final location is in Springvale and has been marked out on the map below.

genshin impact radish location dawn winery 6
SPRING INTO ACTION: Head to Springvale for the final radish location
genshin impact radish location dawn winery 7
LAST STOP: The final radishes can be found to the right of another house

The marker takes you towards a house, just off the shore of the lake. If you head to the right of the house, you'll find some radishes in an open area.

If you're still having trouble finding the radishes, check out Birkhwdaw Gaming's full video below:

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