Genshin Impact Composer Yu-Peng Chen Leaves HOYO-MiX to Pursue "Music Dream"

A screenshot from the Fleeting Colors in Flight Event Cutscene Animation: "Age of Flowing Hues" | Genshin Impact

A screenshot from the Fleeting Colors in Flight Event Cutscene Animation: "Age of Flowing Hues" | Genshin Impact

Yu-Peng Chen, an esteemed composer who is known for his work on the Genshin Impact soundtrack, recently announced his departure from miHoYo and HOYO-MiX in order to pursue his "music dream". Chen has been composing music for games since 2004, and his work on Genshin Impact has been praised by fans and critics alike.

Genshin Impact boasts an illustrious soundtrack, cherished by many for its soothing melodies and heart-pounding battle scores alike, which accompany and underscore players’ journey across Teyvat. Fans of Genshin Impact are heartbroken over Chen's departure from HOYO-MiX and unanimously agree that the soundtrack is 'one of the best things' about the game.

Yu-Peng Chen leaves miHoYo and HOYO-MiX to pursue his "music dream"

Yu-Peng Chen, also known by his stage name Chen Zhiyi, is a Chinese composer and music producer best known for his work on the Genshin Impact soundtrack. From 2021 to 2023, he worked as a full-time music producer at HOYO-MiX, the in-house music studio of miHoYo, and spearheaded the music production for the game.

Genshin Impact's soundtrack is renowned for its versatility, seamlessly incorporating traditional Chinese instruments with Western orchestral arrangements. This is due to the musical genius of Yu-Peng Chen, who also carefully composed each piece of music to match the unique atmosphere and cultures of the different regions in the world of Teyvat.

On 12, September 2023, Chen made an announcement on his Sina Weibo profile. After careful consideration, he decided to retire from miHoYo and HOYO-MiX to wholeheartedly pursue his musical dream.

A screenshot of Yu-Peng Chen's Sina Weibo post detaling his departure from HoYoverse and HoYo-MiX.
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Credit: Yu-Peng Chen

Here is a translation of his post:

Sorry to disturb everyone! According to the arrangements of some of my personal creative plans, after a period of careful consideration, and several exchanges with the company, I chose to leave miHoYo and the HOYO-MIX team to continue pursuing my music dream! Seeing the composing students in the HOYO-MIX team continue to grow, seeing Genshin Impact music moving forward step by step (Fontaine Music is really good 👍), and recalling the support and help the company and colleagues gave me during the music production is really the best thing. Another unforgettable memory! I sincerely ask everyone to understand and respect my choice. In the future, I will continue to explore the music path. I plan to release a new album of personal pure music works next year. The specific plans will be announced in the future. I hope you will continue to support me. of creation. From now on, I will continue to visit Teyvat with everyone as a traveler!

In 2022, a selection of Genshin Impact soundtracks, including Chen's compositions such as 'Liyue,' 'Rapid as Wildfires,' and 'Contemplation in Snow,' were included in the 2022 Winter Olympics music library for use in sports exhibitions. 'Contemplation in Snow' was featured in a promotional video for the Beijing National Speed Skating Oval, a venue specially constructed for the event.

Genshin Impact concert 2023 promotional banner.
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Credit: HoYoverse

Some Genshin fans are saddened by Yu-Peng Chen’s departure, saying “this is very bittersweet, I wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavors and that he may reach even higher heights, but it'll be sad to know that he's no longer working on the amazing music in the game”.

Others convey their empathy, stating “Good luck to him and his dream. His work in Mihoyo games is some of the best games music I've heard”.

While Yu-Peng Chen's retirement from HoYo-Mix marks a significant chapter in the history of Genshin Impact's music, it's important to remember that the game boasts a team of exceptionally talented composers. As the journey through Teyvat unfolds, we can be confident that the tradition of exceptional music will persist, ensuring that Genshin Impact's soundtrack remains as captivating as ever!

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