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Genshin Impact's A Thousand Questions With Paimon Answers

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The latest Genshin Impact web event is now live.


Titled "A Thousand Questions with Paimon," the event has players answering ten questions a day for a chance to win Mora.

Players can attempt to answer the questions as many times as they like until they get all the answers right for the day, though must complete some form of action to try their failed questions again.

These actions can include visiting miHoYo social media or visiting

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A Thousand Questions with Paimon Answers

Genshin Impact A Thousand Questions with Paimon screenshot
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PAIMON: She looks so content here

Genshin Impact players can access A Thousand Questions with Paimon from April 6 through April 8, and have the chance to earn up to 50,000 Mora each day of the event.

Here are all the answers to Paimon's questions, in alphabetical order:

"Cryo attacks can destroy Pyro Abyss Mage shields at the same rate as Hydro attacks" - Is this statement true? FALSE
"Currently, each Shrine of Depths can only be opened once, and cannot be reset" - Is this statement true?TRUE
"The constructs that Zhongli, Ningguang, and the Geo Traveler summon can all be climbed" – Is this statment true?FALSE
"The second charge level of Bennett's Elemental Skill, Passion Overload, will launch him, and this cannot be prevented by any other creatures" - Is this statement true?FALSE
Amber is the Knights of Favonius' only:Outrider
Attacking a Geo Slime not infused by Geo with Geo attacks will deal DMGFALSE
Barbara's Talent, Glorious Season, is able to decrease the Stamina Consumption of all party members when Barbara is in the party.FALSE
Bubu Pharmacy owner in Liyue is:Baizhu
Can two characters of the same element activate an Elemental Resonance in Co-Op Mode?Yes
Diluc used to be in the Knights of Favonius':Cavalry Captain
Donna, an assistant at Floral Whisper flower store, is infatuated with:Diluc
During the Windblume Festival event "The Great Bubble Crash," how many bubbles may there be in a row?5
Fatui Skirmishers will empower themselves in battle, and these empowerments must be removed to defeat them quickly. Of the following interactions, which one is the least efficient?Electrohammer Vanguard - use Pyro DMG
From which of these locations can Musk Reef be reached via a black hole.Cape Oath
How many Elemental Resonances can a single party have active at once?2
How many Ley Line challenges can exist in Mondstadt and Liyue at any one time?4
How many times will Diona's Elemental Burst heal a character?6
How many types of Hydro Mimics can the Oceanid summon in total?8 types
How many works of calligraphy are there in Wangshu Inn?6
How often does the Rite of Descension, one of Liyue's traditional ceremonies, occur?Once a year
In Jean's Story Quest, "Leo Minor Chapter," what is the name of Margaret's lost cat?Prince
In Liyue, there is a plant that carefully listens to people's singing. That plant is called:Glaze Lily
Kaeya in party reduces sprinting stamina.TRUE
Noelle's Elemental Skill, Breastplate, is able to deal one instance of Geo DMG to nearby enemies. It will not generate any Elemental particles.TRUE
Of the following Mondstadt taverns, Diona is a bartender at:The Cat's Tail
Other than using her Elemental Skill, Mirror Reflection of Doom, what other method can Mona can use to create Phantoms?By entering Illusory Torrent for two seconds and being near an enemy.
Protective Canopy provies a 15% RES against all elements to all party members.TRUE
Sucrose's Passive Talent, Mollis Favonius, increases the Energy Recharge of all other party members by 20% of Sucrose's Energy Recharge for 8s when Sucrose's Elemental Skill or Burst hits an opponent.FALSE
The Fortune-Preserving Talisman formed by Qiqi's Passive Talent, A Glimpse Into Arcanum, lasts for 15 seconds after being triggered.FALSE
The karst crawlers at Mt. Hulao can entrap anyone. Who planted them?Mountain Shaper
The pet that Qiqi would like to have most is a:Finch
The rivalry between the two famed styles of cooking, Li and Yue, is a few hundred years old. Out of the two, the Yue style is popular among the enthusiasts of:Seaside delectables
The Symbol of Mondstadt's Hero can be found at:Windrise
True or False: After Xiao casts his Elemental Burst , he gradually loses HP. If his HP is too low, this effect will cause him to dieFALSE
True or False: During the Windblume minigame "Stepping Stone Antics", you will respawn after falling and can continue playingFALSE
True or False: Entering a Domain consumes Original Resin or Condensed Resin.FALSE
True or False: When fighting Anemo Hypostasis: Beth, dealing elemental DMG to the Anemo Orbs summoned by the Anemo Hypostasis converts them into Elemental Orbs of a different typeTRUE
True or False: When the World Level does not change, raising your Adventure Rank increases the level of monsters in the worldFALSE
Wangshu Inn's cat is called:Wei
We can make Condensed Resin by using Original Resin and Crystal Cores. In the current live version of Genshin Impact, what is the maximum quantity of Condensed Resin that can be held at once?5
What do Cecilias represent in the language of flowers?True feeling of the prodigal son
What does "Lupical" mean?Family
What is Amber the champion of in Mondstadt?Gliding
What is Diona's Constellation called?Feles
What is Keqing's title in the Liyue Qixing?Yuheng
What is the Energy Cost of Diluc's Elemental Burst, Dawn?40
What is the maximum number of Electro Sigils that Razor's Elemental Skill, Claw and Thunder, can generate?3
What is the name of the Anemo Hypostasis?Beth
What is the name of the bartender at the Angel's Share?Charles
What is the name of the hotel where the Fatui diplomats were staying during Mondstadt's Stormterror issue?Goth Grand Hotel
What is the name of the Night Shift Guard of the Northland Bank?Nadia
What reaction will occur when a Pyro Elemental Attack is used against Anemo Hypostasis: Beth?Swirl
When does the Boreas fight refresh every week?Monday, 4:00am
When fighting a Ruin Guard, we can attack its weak spots to cause it to enter a state of paralysis. How many weak spots does a Ruin Guard have?2
When fighting Electro Hypostasis: Aleph, which of the following elements is unable to decrease the HP of its prisms?Hydro
When the Anemo Traveler is affected by Pyro, holding the Traveler's Elemental Skill can be used to cause an Elemental AbsorptionTRUE
When Xiangling’s Guoba is breathing fire, if a character is in the AoE of the fire breath, they will also be affected by Pyro.FALSE
Which location is not covered by the Teyvat Travel Guide?Wuwang Hill
Which of the Archons was Mora named after?The Geo Archon
Which of the attacks is a Cryo Abyss Mage's shield immune to?Kaeya's Elemental Skill
Which of the following areas do not contain any Philanemo Mushrooms?Wolvendom
Which of the following areas have no Violetgrass?Qixing Pool
Which of the following Book Collections was written by Klee's mother, Alice?Which of the following characters can activate treasure chests that can only be accessed through pressure plates?
Which of the following characters can provide a bonus when forging the Whiteblind?Diluc
Which of the following characters did not have a pet turtle as a child?Amber
Which of the following characters does not belong to the Knights of Favonius?Mona
Which of the following characters is least efficient at destroying the Rock Pillars summoned by Geo Hypostasis: Gimel?Venti
Which of the following characters is not a bard from Mondstadt?Qingzhou
Which of the following characters is the most suitable counter to Electro Hypostatis: Aleph?Xiangling
Which of the following characters is unable to destroy the rock pillars that the Geo Hypostasis: Gimel summons?Venti
Which of the following characters will not have their Charged Attacks infused by Cryo DMG by Chongyun's Spirit Blade: Chonghua's Layered Frost?Klee
Which of the following dishes cannot be acquired by purchasing it at a shop?Adeptus' Temptation
Which of the following dishes increases the character's DEF?Jewelry Soup
Which of the following dishes is not a Mondstadt staple?Mora Meat
Which of the following drinks cannot be purchased in the Mondstadt tavern?Holy Water
Which of the following Elemental Resonances can reduce the CD of Elemental Skills?Impetuous Wind
Which of the following elements is Boreas not immune to?Pyro
Which of the following Hilichurl tribes does not appear at Dadaupa Gorge?Lunar Tribe
Which of the following is a signature dish at Wangshu Inn?Almond Tofu
Which of the following is not one of the Cryo Regisvine's weak points?Petals
Which of the following is not the name of a Hilichurl tribe in Dadaupa Gorge?Ricer Tribe
Which of the following is the customary Hilichurl greeting?Olah!
Which of the following items can you obtain from the Unusual Hilichurl?Cabbage
Which of the following locations does not belong to the Liyue Region?Brightcrown Canyon
Which of the following locations does not belong to the Mondstadt region?Nantianmen
Which of the following monsters will not emerge from a Blossom of Revelation challenge?Unusual Hilichurl
Which of the following plants is not unique to Mondstadt?Sweet Flower
Which of the following regional specialties can be obtained from Stormterror's Lair?Windwheel Aster
Which of the following statements about Diluc is False?Diluc's Passive Talent, Tradition of the Dawn Knight, refunds 15% of the ore used when crafting Sword-type weapons.
Which of the following statements about Dvalin's "Caelestinum Finale Termini" ability is False?Using a wind glider to glide above the cracked platforms will cause characters to suffer DMG.
Which of the following statements about Elemental Reactions is False?Anemo can trigger a Swirl reaction with Geo
Which of the following statements about Elemental Reactions is true?The Burning reaction itself deals DMG
Which of the following statements about Keqing is False?Keqing can perform her Elemental Skill, Stellar Restoration, while in mid-air.
Which of the following statements about Klee is False?Opponents hit by her Elemental Skill have their Pyro RES decreased.
Which of the following statements about the Geo Traveler's Elemental Skill, Starfell Sword, are False?We can hold the Elemental Skill to stack one Meteorite on top of another.
Which of the following statements about Xiangling is true?When Xiangling uses her Elemental Skill, Guoba will deal AoE Pyro DMG 4 times.
Which of the following statements concerning Mona's Elemental Burst, Stellaris Phatasm, is wrong?If Mona takes no DMG for 2s after using the Elemental Burst, she will regenerate 20% of her HP.
Which of the following statements is False?You can attack the Oceanid directly to deal DMG to it
Which of the following statements is true of the Childe Boss Fight?This can be done in Co-op Mode
Which of the following will not allow you to obtain Shrine of Depths Keys?Completing a Story Quest
Which place's topography is the result of an Archon hurling giant spears of rock during a time of war?Guyun Stone Forest
Who is the Eighth Fataui Harbringer?La Signora
Who wrote the Favonius Survival Rulebook for Klee?Kaeya
Xingqiu is the second son of Liyue Harbor's:Feiyun Commerce Guild
Xinyan is Liyue Harbor's sole _________ MusicianRock 'n' Roll

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