Genshin Impact 2.1 Trail of Delicacies Event: Get ready for a Cooking Battle

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Genshin Impact 2.1's last Combat Challenge is live! Trail of Delicacies is an event which is part of the Moonchase Festival, and it brings more than just a punch.

Table of Contents

The Adventurer's Guild placed many Treasure Chests along ancient Adepti trails. Defeat foes lurking around them, boost your team with delicious meals, and test your strength against the Final Bosses.

Trail of Delicacies


So what's so special about the Trail of Delicacies?

Trail of Delicacies let's players obtain pieces of Emperor's Balm refinement material for the Luxurious Sea-Lord weapon.


The requirements to participate in the Genshin Impact 2.1 Trail of Delicacies are:

  • Reach Adventure Rank 28
  • Complete Archon Story Chapter 1: Act 3, A New Star Approaches
  • Complete the ''Mondstadt Gastronomy Trip'' Quest
  • Unlock the quest: The Many Matters of the Moonchase Festival visiting Linyang in Liyue Harbor
Trail of Delicacies map in Genshin Impact
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Accomplish all 6 challenges in the Trail of Delicacies event

Event details

During this combat challenge, players have to defeat encampments of Enemies., make food offerings to received Trail Comforts (buffs) to help your party in battle.

The event is divided into three trails or paths:

  • Part 1: Path of Stalwart Stone, September 27, 2021
  • Part 2: Path of Gentle Breezes, September 29, 2021
  • Part 3: Path of Austere Frost, October 4, 2021

Each path will include 6 challenges. To complete them, you need to defeat the leader of the encampment. These leaders have the ability to regenerate their life in 10s if their HP falls under 30%.

One of the delicacies available as an offering in Genshin Impact
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Boost your party with delicacy offerings

Delicacy Offerings

Each path has a specific set of food you can offer in order to receive the Trail Comforts, which will boost your party during battle.

Offered 2 DelicaciesYour party members will gain 30% ATK for 10s upon using an Elemental Burst. Max 4 stacks, each stack has an independent duration.
Offered 4 DelicaciesDuring the challenge, all your party members' Shield Strength will be increase by 60%.
Offered 5 Delicacies Hero's Wit x2 Mora Image Mora x20000
Path of Stalwart in Genshin Impact
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Credit: The first part in Trail of Delicacies

Path of Stalwart Stone Trail

The first trail will start on the beach of Yaoguan Shoal. After defeating the enemies and opening the chest, wind currents will appear to lead you to the next challenge.

Path of Stalwart Stone Delicacies Offerings

The meals which players can offer for this path are the next ones:

  • Delicious Grilled Tiger Fish
  • Delicious Mora Meat
  • Delicious Almond Tofu
  • Delicious Crystal Shrimp
  • Delicious Golden Shrimp Balls

Note: Travelers can obtain delicious versions of meals, cooking the recipe perfectly.

Challenge 1: Hilichurl

  • Leader: Blazing Axe Mitachurl
  • Strategy: Gather the enemies using an Anemo character and use and a character with an AoE Elemental Burst.
  • Rewards: 10 Primogems, 2 Agnidus Agate Fragment, 20000 Mora. 50 Moonchase Festival Festive Fever.

Challenge 2: Slimes

  • Leader: Large Pyro Slime and Large Geo Slime
  • Strategy: Bring an Anemo characters that can absorb elements. Use an Electro character's Elemental Skill or Burst to mixed with the Swirl.
  • Rewards: Primogems x10, Varunada Lazurite Fragment x2, Mora x20000. 50 Moonchase Festival Festive Fever.

Challenge 3: Treasure Hoarders

  • Leader: Fatui Pyro Agent
  • Strategy: Bring a Geo character to generate shields, to avoid being interrupted. Use a Cryo elemental reaction to stop the agent from hiding.
  • Rewards: Primogems x10, Guide to Prosperity x2, Mora x20000. 50 Moonchase Festival Festive Fever.
Challenge rewards in Genshin Impact Trail of Delicacies
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Receive the Emperor's Balm as a reward

Challenge 4: Geovishaps and Slimes

  • Leader: Geovishap
  • Strategy: Bring a healer to avoid being defeated by burst damage. Use Geo character to destroy the shields. Save your elemental burst for the leader.
  • Rewards: Primogems x10, Guide to Diligence x2, Mora x20000. 50 Moonchase Festival Festive Fever.

Challenge 5: Hilichurls 2

  • Leader: Rock Shieldwall Mitachurl
  • Strategy: Bring a geo companion to break the rock shield. Permafreeze the enemies or Vaporize them, which will increase your chances to defeat the encampment.
  • Rewards: Primogems x10, Guide to Gold x2, Mora x20000. 50 Moonchase Festival Festive Fever.

Challenge 6: Hilichurls and Ruin Guard

  • Leader: Ruin Guard
  • Strategy: Bring a bow user to hit the weak spot of the Ruin Guard. Bring your strongest characters to hit the Ruin Guard once down.
  • Rewards: Primogems x50, Emperor's Balm x1, Mora x20000. 50 Moonchase Festival Festive Fever.
Details about the Emperor's Balm
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A step closer to the Luxurious Sea Lord

Emperor's Balm

Emperor's Balm is a specialized refinement material for the Luxurious Sea-Lord. Smear it on the Luxurious Sea-Lord to temper this unique claymore and prep it for battle!