Genshin Impact 2.1: How to unlock Palace in a Pool domain

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Palace In A Pool is a new Inazuma domain added along with Watatsumi Island in the Genshin Impact 2.1 update. It is located in the Suigetsu Pool area.

The domain is underwater, so in order to clear the entrance, players need to solve a series of puzzles. Check out our walkthrough below!


  • Finish Archon Quest Chapter 2: Act 1 "The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia'
  • The Palace in a Pool Domain is located in the Northeast Area of Watatsumi Island.
Map of Suigetsu Pool in Genshin Impact
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Unlocking Palace in a Pool to have a way to tele transport in this area.

Note: We recommend you unlock the Statue of the Seven in Watatsumi first to have visibility in that area of the map.

First Part: Electro Mechanisms

  • Go to the marked location on Genshin Impact's map and observe the pool.
  • You need the Lighting Strike Probes to point to the center (The bow and arrow Statue). Activate them with Electrograna.
  • They will light up once they are in the correct position. Wait for the end of the Electrograna or they will continue moving.
  • The Lighting Strike Probes will unlock the Electro Monuments. Use Fischl or K. Sara to hit them as fast as possible.
Image of Kujou Sara in front of electro mechanisms in Genshin Impact
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Solve the Puzzle using all electro mechanism.
  • After lighting up all Electro Monuments, the water will only go down halfway. Dive into the lowered water level
  • Swim through the narrow opening on the left until you found an opening in the floor above you. Climb up the wall into the room.
Aloy in Genshin Impact swimming to an opening in the floor.
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Make sure to jump with enough Stamina. It's a bit long of a swim.
  • Interact with the three switches on each wall of the room, climbing the walls to open the locked gate. The order is not important.
  • Standing at the gate you just unlocked, look at the ceiling to your right. Climb up that wall and into the higher room.
K. Sara from Genshin Impact, standing in a way we can see a hole in the ceiling.
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Make sure not to miss this entrance.
  • Activate the cube mechanism to drain the water completely unlocking the Palace in a Pool domain.
  • Note: The gate beside this mechanism can be unlocked with the switch to the right.
K. Sara gliding to the Palace in a Pool domain in Genshin Impact
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Suigetsu Island is full of Puzzles.

Palace in a Pool Rewards

  • Primogems x40
  • Adventure Exp x500
  • Electro Sigil x5
  • Guide of Transience x2
  • Hero's With x3
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x5
  • Mora x30000
  • Entangling Bloom 5 stars artifact. x1

Genshin Impact, Suigetsu Island keeps many puzzles; some of them will be available after unlocking the Palace in a Pool Domain.

Make sure you upgrade your Sakura Tree, Barrier Breaker II before exploring the area.