Everything we know about Genshin Impact 1.6

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Genshin Impact was first released in September 2020 and has since become one of the most popular games in the world, and the latest update is almost here.

The next update, the 1.6 update is right around the corner and is set to bring even more additions and changes to the game.

Here is what we know.

LATEST - Pre-Loads Go Live Ahead Of Update

The next update, the 1.6 patch, is nearly here, and miHoYo has now made pre-loading available.

By pre-loading, players can install the update ahead of downtime beginning, this can be incredible useful for players with a slower internet connection.

Here is how to pre-load.


When opening the launcher you will be prompted to update it, you will need to update the launcher before you next play regardless of whether you pre-load so make sure this is done.

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Once the launcher is updated, click the pre-installation button at the bottom of the launcher.

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Once you confirm the update it will then begin, the file size is 8.1GB.

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Travellers may begin pre-installing update resources by going to the Paimon Menu > Settings > Other > Pre-Install Resource Package.

Genshin Impact 1.6 mobile pre-load
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Unfortunately, pre-loading the update isn't available on the PS4 or PS5, players will have to wait until downtime begins in order to update the game.

Release Date

The Genshin Impact 1.6 update will go live on Wednesday, June 9th across all platforms, PC, mobile, and PS4/PS5.


Based on previous updates, downtime should begin at 6 am UTC+8, which will be 6 pm EST/11 pm BST on Tuesday, June 8th.

Epic Games Store

Alongside the 1.6 update, Genshin Impact will be released on Epic Games Store in addition to the regular Genshin Impact launcher.

This won't have any impact on the game, but will definitely increase the visibility of the game.

Patch Notes

MiHoYo are expected to release the patch notes for the 1.6 update ahead of the launch.

As soon as they are posted we will update this with everything you need to know.

But for now, here is what we do know so far.

What We Know

New Characters

Genshin Impact Kazuha
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Kazuha: Rumored to be included in Genshin Impact 1.6

With several rumored characters on their way to Genshin Impact, the most likely that players will see seems to be Kazuha, a 5-Star Anemo Sword wielder.

Kazuha is a ronin from Inazuma who currently works aboard the Crux fleet under the command of Beidou.

Klee is also returning as the first Event Banner of 1.6.

New Items

A new 5-Star Sword and 5-Star Catalyst are coming with 1.6, as well a new 4-Star Bow.

Read about the new items here.

New Events and Challenges

As players explore the new archipelago released in Genshin 1.6, there will be new events and challenges to keep them busy.

These include:

  • Main Cannon, Make Ready...Fire!
  • Echoing Tales
  • Never-Ending Battle
  • Kaboomball Kombat
  • Legend of the Vagabond Sword

Read all about the new events and challenges here.

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