Psalm: “Epic has the funding but not the experience. We’ve seen many games go down this path”

We talked to CLG Fortnite player Harrison "Psalm" Chang about his recent World Cup qualification, Fortnite's current meta and his hopes for Season 9.

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Counter Logic Gaming’s, Harrison “Psalm” Chang was one of the six players from North America East to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup in New York City this coming July. Psalm qualified with notable players such as Turner “Tfue” Tenney and Trevor “Funk” Siegler.

myst: First off, congrats on officially qualifying for the Fortnite World Cup! How does it feel now that a day has gone by since your qualification? 

Psalm: Like a gigantic weight has been lifted off of my chest. Not qualifying for World Cup would have been like the past year’s worth of training would have gone to waste. That was the only goal. 

myst: Down the stretch of the qualifiers, you were on the cusp of top six throughout the whole session and finally broke through at the end with a 9th place final game. What were those final moments like for you, waiting for the standings to solidify?

Psalm: Those moments were some of the most anxiety-driving moments of my life. I was rocking back and forth in my chest with my hands on my face and constantly refreshing the leaderboards for updates.

myst: During the finals, you narrowly missed out on placement points by barely missing the threshold, how did you mentally block these placings out knowing you could have been further in the standings should a different scenario went your way? 

PsalmDespite missing out on those placement points, I knew I was going at a good pace. If I had gotten those placement points, the end would have been a lot smoother and much less nerve-wracking. However, I don’t need to mentally block them out. I need to use my placement information on how I could hit that point threshold the next time.

Harrison Chang

myst: After the next session of duo competition this coming weekend, Season 9 will kick off for the rest of the qualifiers. What do you want this new season to bring to the competitive aspect of the game?

Psalm: I want the new season to be full of bug fixes, removal of the baller (and not an addition of the next overpowered vehicle), removal of several weapons that clutter up the loot pool, and a better spectating solution and approach. A field of view (FOV) slider is a given of course.

myst: Fortnite’s current state is one currently up in debate, with many professional players being vocal about recent changes especially because of the most recent official dev blog post regarding their stance on FOV. What do you think about the way Epic has been treating their game as of late? 

Psalm: Epic has the funding but not the experience. We’ve seen many games go down this path. Let’s hope this one changes before it’s too late.

myst: At the end of this interview, I would like to say thank you for partaking in this and do you have anything to say to your fans out there?

Psalm: Thank you to the fans who’ve supported me along this journey. I know that I’m not the biggest streamer or the best pro, but I have my small niche of people that really look out for me. I’m extremely grateful for that.

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