26 May 2021 9:20 AM +00:00

Loki and Thor Teased Ahead of Fortnite Season 7 Launch

Marvel characters making the jump to Fortnite is nothing new; iconic characters such as Captain America, Iron Man and Black Panther have all made an appearance in Epic's juggernaut Battle Royale already.

But there are some notable absences. Thanks to some sharp-eyed, dedicated super-fans, though, we might have just been shown a preview of who just might be included next.

Loki & Thor in Fortnite

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ASSEMBLE - An Avenger, and his arch-nemesis, might just be making an appearance in Fortnite

Throughout the month of May, players who have been subscribed to Fortnite Crew have been receiving additional loading screens as a reward, which liven things up between matches.

The latest such wallpaper (featured above) depicts the Cuddle Team Leader front and centre and is pretty awesome in and of itself.

But look a little closer, at the silhouetted characters in the background, and you might just see some familiar (and in one case, rather iconic) outlines.


The figure to the left of the Cuddle Team Leader is undeniably Loki, his trademark horned helmet and sceptre (which once contained the Mind Stone, let's not forget), are immediately apparent for all to see.


The figure to the right is, less convincing, at least to me. Sure, it looks like Thor and very well could be. It would make sense for it to be, actually. But Mjolnir isn't visible, or any other indicators. It could just be some dude with short hair!

But it almost doesn't matter at this point. Fans are convinced that the image is a tease that the iconic Asgardian adversaries are coming to Fortnite, and the evidence is fairly convincing.

The only question remaining is: when?

It seems unlikely the duo will make an appearance before the end of the current season, although stranger things have happened.

It's more likely they would be introduced at some point during Season 7, which should start sometime around June 7 (at least, that is when the current Battle Pass is set to end).

We won't have too much longer to wait to find out.