Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers: Week 7 NAE Takeaways

With familiar names finally qualifying for the Fortnite World Cup and some other notables barley missing the cut. Week 7 was one for the books.

Nick Farrell by Nick Farrell

Photo Credit: Reverse2K

The second to last weekend of the Fortnite World Cup solo qualifiers concluded this weekend, with NAE coming down to the wire yet again. Some heavy hitters were left wondering what they could have done better to vault over that final threshold for the qualification spot.

Here are our takeaways from week seven of NAE. 

Reverse2K Dominates

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Going into Sunday’s finals, Malachi “Reverse2k” Greiner placed in or around the top one hundred in previous solo qualifiers but never quite found his footing. Opposed to his duo competition where he is teaming up with Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, where the pair have narrowly missed qualification placing 14th and seventh in their previous two outings. Sunday was a new day for Reverse2K, one where he discovered his solo form that we witnessed during the Summer Skirmish where he captured a total of $86,000. 

Throughout the day Reverse2K looked poised to take home a qualification spot, with a one kill victory early on, he carried this momentum into further games. Captivating a nine elimination victory followed up by a seven elimination victory all but solidified his ticket to New York. 

Reverse looks to secure himself a double qualification this coming weekend in duos, Ninja and himself look to elevate their game past the threshold they have seemingly been stuck at in recent weeks. 

Nate Hill loses out on a tight finish

Photo Credit: FaZe Clan

With the queue times closing at exactly 7pm EST Sunday, the race for the final qualification spots was in full effect. With Danny “Dubs” Walsh and Turner “Tfue” Tenney already qualified, others were vying for the seventh and eight spots which would secure their qualification. 

Nate Hill was amongst one of these players looking to make the final push for qualification, In his closing match, Nate mustered an eight elimination second pace finish off the backhand of questionable loot. His closing result propelled him into qualifying territory but now he was forced to anxiously wait for everyone else’s matches to conclude. 

Unfortunately for Nate, the odds were not in his favor. A four-way tie was the end result of the closing matches between; Nate Hill, Thiccboy Luneze, Fatch and Chenkinz. All tied with 58 points the Fortnite World Cup uses victory royal’s as the first tiebreaker method, Nate was on the wrong end of the stick Sunday, ultimately being kicked out of qualification territory and finished just behind the pack. 

NAE has produced some of the qualifiers best moments and the heartbreak and anguish Nate expressed to his stream once his miss fortune was all but confirmed truly displays what the World Cup means to these players. 


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