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Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers Solo Player's to Watch NAE

Photo Credit: Epic Games

Upon the conclusion of the third solo qualifier for the $30,000,000 Fortnite World Cup, another crop of individuals have secured their spot at the Finals in New York City. However, throughout these three weeks, we have seen some consistent names among the top but have failed to break into the top six. 

Here are our three players to keep your eyes out for in the final two solo qualifiers.  

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1. Christian "Snood" Hastie

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Photo Credit: SnoodFN

At the young age of 17, Snood has already proven himself to be one of the contending players each week for North America East. Across the three weeks of solo qualifiers so far, Snood has finished eighteenth, and ninth twice each week he has been in reach of the top six finish but has come so close each week.

Snood has proven he is one of NAE most consistent players over this time, constantly pushing the mold amidst Fortnite's recent meta changes he is still proving his worth. Snood has yet to make the final push into the top six, but with only two solo qualifiers remaining he should be one to look out for in the coming weeks. 


2. David "LeNain" Bois

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Photo Credit: Fortnite Esports Wiki

LeNain impressed heavily in week one of solo qualifiers, although placing seventh and barely missing the cutoff to qualify, he carried this momentum into the first duo qualifier with his partner Tyler15. The duo was successful in their first stab at duos securing the last qualification spot in week two. 

Since LeNain's week one close cut performance in solos he has not been able to rekindle the light he first lit in week one. However, going into the final weeks of qualification we chose LeNain was one our highlighted players as with the sudden changes too Fortnite over the last week LeNain should be able to regroup and articulate his week one performance. Look for LeNain to join the double qualification club in the coming weeks.


Other Notable Players to Watch: 

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Photo Credit: FaZe

1. Cloak -> Widely considered one of NAE best players, Cloak has displayed his veteran leadership and poise in duos with his partner Tfue, but has yet to find his mark in solos. Claiming on Twitter he has let games go to his head and affect his game play should Cloak get over this hurdle, look for him to secure his spot in New York. 

2. Nate Hill -> Already qualified for the duo portion of the World Cup with his partner Funk, Nate Hill has been a staple in competitive Fortnite since his breakout last year. Nate looks to join Funk as another player double qualified for the World Cup Finals.

3, Animal -> Before the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers kicked off, Aspect and Animal were considered NAE's most dominant duo but halfway through the qualifiers neither have secured their qualification. Missing out on qualification because of a bug with Fortnite's turbo building in week three, Animal is a force to be reckoned with in the final weeks. 

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