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Fortnite Could be Getting Skating and Motorcycles Soon

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There are many different ways to traverse the map in Fortnite Season 3 from building and sprinting to driving and using the recently added grapple gloves. According to Fortnite Insiders, some new methods will be joining the battle royale soon.

Here is everything we know about Fortnite's Skating and Motorcycles.

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LATEST - Skate Park Updated in 21.30 Update.

According to Fortnite leaker and news source FortTory, the 21.30 update of the battle royale has brought with it a series of changes and one of them suggests that the skating mechanic is not only alive and well but could be coming really soon with the skat park in the game files being updated.

Skating and Motorcycles Coming to Fortnite

According to reliable Fortnite Insider HYPEX, Epic Games are now working on a brand new skating mechanic being added to the game that will work a lot like the sliding mechanic currently implemented.

Skating will be slow when going uphill and fast when going downhill and it's currently unsure how these skates will be implemented. The most likely option is an item similar to the grapple gloves.

YouTuber and Fortnite Leaker InTheShade enabled the items in-game and showed them in action in a video. While the animation is a little bit rough due to its work-in-progress nature, it does actually show the skates being used without any items whatsoever, though this could also be down to them being a work in progress.

HYPEX also confirmed that Motorcycles have been updated again after an initial leak showed that they were being worked on. The Motorcycles use the same animations as riding animals, a feature introduced at the start of Chapter 3 Season 3. These motorcycles have two seats and allow riders to boost and drift while driving.

This leak also confirmed that surfboards would be added back to Fortnite in the future but they have not been seen since this leak and there is no indication that the items would be for the battle royale mode this time or if it was just creative like they originally were.

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