Fortnite Season 7 UFO Abduction Video Leaks

Ahead of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7, it appears that we are not alone as there are reports of a UFO showing up and abducting players.

Fortunately, they're just whisking them off to random locations on the island, for now. As with any countdown to a new Fortnite season, rumours and leaks are popping up everywhere but this is the biggest indication of Season 7's theme we've had yet.

Fortnite Alien Abduction Leaks

The below clip from @HyperDiamond123 shows them dancing in Risky Reels.

Shortly after, an ominous green light appears. They are then abducted and dumped just outside Colossal Crops. It’s also worth noting that the UFO abduction appears to fully heal the player and leaves them with full shields also.

This will probably continue to happen as we get closer to the Season 7 event next week.

Mystery Package Containing Season 7 Hints

It appears the UFO abductions could be part of the build-up to Season 7. There are fan theories suggesting that these UFOs are simply scouting the island and the mothership is likely to arrive at the start of the new season.

This would see the theme for the new season centre around extraterrestrial beings. Some Fortnite content creators have also been sent a mysterious package containing a DVD with the words ‘They’re coming’ written on them - not creepy at all.

Recent patch leaks saw files identified that further solidified the alien theme being part of Season 7.

Other leaks suggested we could be looking at a medieval theme but those rumours have slowly cooled off. The alien theme has more legs to it now with the discoveries over the last few days.

How To Get Abducted By Aliens in Fortnite

How exactly do you get abducted though? Turns out you need to follow fairly strict criteria before the little green men appear and beam you up.

Unfortunately, it seems you will need access to custom queues via a creator code to access this event as it only happens in custom solo queue games.

From there it’s a simple as dropping into Risky Reels, waiting for the storm to forge, then the glowing light should appear. You are then taken elsewhere on the map, full healed and with full shields.

What are your thoughts on the UFO abductions? Have you manged to recreate them yet? It looks like Season 7 is set to be out of this world, be sure to prepare yourself for whatever Epic has in store for us!

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