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Fortnite: BenjyFishy Locker Bundle In The Item Shop Now

Most Fortnite players have "their skins", these are cosmetics that they either really like, or are associated with using.

Myth's skin is Skull Trooper, Mitr0's is Dynamo, and Lazarbeam's is Merry Marauder.

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Epic Games have noticed this and are now offering bundles based around players lockers.


Who Is BenjyFishy?

BenjyFishy is one of the top players in Fortnite.

He is a constant in the Fortnite competitive scene, placing high and winning in many tournaments.

In 2019 Benjy competed in both the Solo and Duo World Cup Finals, coming 25th and 14th respectively.

Benjy is currently signed to NRG and is their longest serving member of the Fortnite roster, having signed in March 2019.

BenjyFishy Bundle

Epic Games have released the BenjyFishy bundle, giving players the chance to purchase all of the items that Benjy uses in his loadout.

Benjy's loadout includes:

  • Siren Skin
  • Last Kiss Back Bling
  • Lotus Star Wrap
  • Coral Cruiser Glider
  • Star Wand Pickaxe
Fortnite BenjyFishy Bundle In Game
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SAVINGS: Players can get the whole bundle for 2,500 V-Bucks, saving 1,200.

Benjy reacted to the bundle on Twitter saying,


BenjyFishy Bundle Tweet
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Galactus Event Times

Here is when the Galactus event will take place in each region on December 1st:

  • Russia - 12am
  • Turkey - 12am
  • Saudi Arabia - 12am
  • Iran - 12:30am
  • UAE - 1am
  • Maldives - 2am
  • India - 2:30am
  • Singapore - 5am
  • Philippines - 5am
  • China - 5am
  • Japan - 6am
  • Austrlia - 8am
  • US Pacific Time - 1pm
  • US Mountain Time - 2pm
  • US Central Time - 3pm
  • US Eastern Time - 4pm
  • Brazil - 6pm
  • United Kingdom - 9pm
  • Portugal - 9pm
  • Germany - 10pm
  • France - 10pm
  • Italy - 10pm
  • Sweden - 10pm
  • Greece - 11pm
  • Egypt - 11pm
  • Lebanon - 11pm
  • Romania - 11pm