FM21: Analysis Improved by Changes to Data and Stats

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The release of Football Manager 2021 is now agonisingly close.

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On this year's edition of the Sports Interactive title, you'll be able to break down all the nitty-gritty with a huge set of improvements to data and statistical information.

New Statistical Data


Let's start with the basics.

Tracking the performances of your players has never been easier following the addition of various new pieces of statistical data.

You will be able to track Blocks for the first time ever, whilst Clearances have been amended in order to make them more specific than ever.

Defensive Efficiency FM FC
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Possessions Won and Lost is a key change for those who like to play the Guardiola-esque Tiki Taka football.

If you're wanting to track your goalkeeper's performance, then the addition of save percentages and saves per 90 minutes should do exactly that.


Performance Analyst Brings New Dimension to Data

We've already had one new analyst role in the form of the Recruitment Analyst, and now we have another role available within your club.

The newly added Performance Analyst will play a key role within the setup at your club. Working on everything related within the side including matches, upcoming opposition and your squad itself.

Keeping tabs with the Performance Analyst will be vital, as their reports will help you to understand the stats and data supporting your performances on the pitch.

Monthly Reports Key in Decision Making

The addition of monthly reports is perfect for both FM veterans and FM novices alike.

FMFC Monthly Report
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In short, the role of the monthly report is to show you exactly how you fared in your your previous month of action, with data being broke down into four key areas.

  • General Performance
  • Shot Map
  • Defensive Efficiency
  • Attacking Efficiency

Whether you feel you need the assistance or not, it will certainly bring a new dynamic to your coaching team.

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Whether you feel you need the assistance or not, it will certainly bring a new dynamic to your coaching team.

It will show you exactly who is performing to the top of their ability, whilst it will also help you determine who isn't pulling their weight.

Post-Match Analysis

If you don't fancy waiting a month to see how you've got on then fear not, as post-match analysis has been taken up a notch too.

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Expected goals is the key here, with xG brought to your post-match report in order to see exactly how clinical you were during the 90 minutes.

FMFC Player Reports
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The xG report will show you specific data relating to the quality of the chances you created, including the way in which your xG changed as the game progressed.


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This will allow you to see whether or not the tactical changes you have made throughout the game have been effective, helping you to decide how you're going to set up ahead of your next game.

Your MOTM will also receive their own, personal summary of their gameplay.


To find out more about the new changes to analysis in FM 21, you can head over to their brand new member scheme, FMFC.

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