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Football Manager 2022: EASY ways to end your run of poor form

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Everyone loves to win, but what happens when results dry up and the board start to question your judgement?

With the increased pressures of football management certain to leave you stranded, we've got some tips as to how to get your team back on form in Football Manager 2022.

From altering your approach to using some underhand tactics, here are the best ways to end your bad run of form in this year's game.

Change Your Style

The most obvious method, but sometimes the most effective, is to overhaul your style and try a different approach.

Whether it's players lacking tactical familiarity or opposition managers working you out, switching your style could lead to an uptake in form.

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SWITCH IT UP - Don't be afraid to change your style in FM22

Of course, you need to keep within the strict set of rules set by your board, but we're confident that they'll see sense once results start coming good.

Taking advice from your assistant manager can also be useful. Through quick picks or selection advice, a fresh set of eyes could be just the tonic to end your bad run of form in Football Manager 2022.

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Team Meetings

Morale is one of the most important elements in Football Manager 2022, with SI introducing a new in-depth system that allows you to further understand your player's emotions.

When things aren't going well, morale is certain to drop, which is where team meetings can become incredibly important.

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BOOST MORALE - Team Meetings are a great way to get your side back on track

Telling your squad that you believe in them, or simply stating that the bad run of form won't last forever, is a great way to boost morale and begin to turn the tide.

Post and pre-match team talks are also a good way to gain small margins, with more supportive language likely to generate a better response than lobbing a water bottle across the dressing room.

Use The Editor

If all else fails and your career hangs on the edge, maybe it's time to turn to some dark arts, also known as the in-game editor.

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FEELING GOOD - The in-game editor is a clever way to end your bad form in FM22

The in-game editor allows you to tailor your save to your own desires, ranging from boosting club budgets to clearing your squad's injury list.

In terms of ending your bad run of form, the editor can be used in many inventive ways. You could:

  • Give your whole squad superb morale.
  • Give your upcoming opposition squad abysmal morale.
  • Maximise your team's tactical familiarity.
  • Tweak a few of your player's stats.
  • Give yourself a little bit of cash to make an impactful signing.

We prefer to think of this method as innovative thinking as opposed to cheating, but sometimes there's just no other way.

Of course, if all that fails and you still find yourself losing that all-important match, simply save the game before you play and keep quitting post-match before the tide finally turns your way.

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