Football Manager 2020: New Beta Update now live - match engine & stability improvements

The Football Manager 2020 Beta has been live for those that pre-ordered the game since October 31st.

Thanks to all the feedback from players, Sports Interactive have been making tweaks and hot fixes to their game ahead of the much-anticipated release date of 19 November.

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This is the second beta patch we have seen, but there is no need for players to worry as Sports Interactive have confirmed it is save game compatible, so there is no need to restart your managerial journey!

This beta update includes:

  • Stability Fixes
  • Performance and optimisation improvements
  • Lots of Gameplay/Match changes

Per the release from SI on Steam.

The gameplay and match engine have been a hot topic over the years, as FM works to both remain accessible for those with less powerful PCs but also deliver a lively and accurate match simulation for wannabe managers out there.

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This year looks to provide big improvements, both to the way attacking players move within your tactical framework. They make more intelligent runs into space and overlaps where possible, while defenders are more spatially aware, picking up runners and defending space far better.