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FM23 Tactics - Master your craft using these INCREDIBLE setups

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FM23 Best Tactics

Football Manager 2023 has arrived, meaning you can step into the hot seat now and get started in your new managerial career.

A manager cannot ignore the importance of formations and tactics, and we've found the best for you to enjoy below.

Whether you're looking to steamroll opponents or sit back and soak up pressure, these setups will help you avoid the sack

FM23 Tactics

Tactics are a fundamental element of any Football Manager game and this remains the same in FM23.

Finding a style that best suits your players is key and perfecting that style in training sessions and matches is the only way you'll end up successful.

One style certainly does not fit all, but these options listed below will hopefully give you the best chance of achieving success.

Gegenpress 4-3-3

Channel your inner Jurgen Klopp and adopt a Gegenpressing 4-3-3, with this formation perfect for sides looking to immediately impose themselves in matches.

Opponents will quickly feel suffocated as your three forwards race towards them, creating a terrifying attacking threat.

FM23 Formations 4-3-3
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KLOPP CLASSIC - The 4-3-3 is a great shout for attacking sides

Both the midfield and defence provide strong shields for one another, but it will be important to find a balance for you three men in the middle.

Counter-Attacking 5-3-2

For those managers that aren't blessed with world-class players, a counter-attacking 5-3-2 could be the perfect way to earn your side some much-needed points.

coventry city in the 5-3-2 formation in football manager 2023
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This system not only lends itself to a pacey counter-attack, but it can also frustrate opponents and leave them asking questions.

Tiki-Taka 4-2-3-1

Guardiola perfected this system, with it being perfect for teams who boast incredible attacking talents.

Controlling possession and creating chance after chance, this formation will certainly lead to some thrashing in FM23.

bayern munich in the 4-2-3-1 formation in football manager 2023
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You can be undone by sides that like to sit back and counter, but this formation denotes patience and won't lead to your team tiring easily.

FM23 Formations

Whilst your tactical setup will dictate your levels of success, you also want to ensure that you have the foundations correctly assembled.

The tactics above will give you the platform to succeed, but make sure you're not ignoring the possibility of these formations below.


Something slightly different is a 5-4-1 formation, with wing-backs the key to finding success in this system.

This formation does leave your striker quite isolated, but a creative AMC should negate any goalscoring issues.

FM23 Formation 5-4-1
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TRY SOMETHING NEW - The 5-4-1 is one for the differentials amongst you

Not without its flaws and still in need of some fine-tuning, this formation could quickly become an underrated gem in Football Manager 2023.


A variation on a classic, this 4-3-2-1 formation will rely on fluidity in your midfield.

You do have the option to drop the single central midfielder into a deep position to cover your defence, but you don't want to leave yourself too exposed in the middle of the park.

FM23 Formation 4-3-2-1
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VARIATIONS ON A CLASSIC - This formation will raise a few eyebrows

Ensure that your side is aiming to control possession with this formation, leading to less chance of being caught on the counter.

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