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29 Jan 2021

FM21 Mobile: Winter Update, Headline Features, Release Date, Platforms & more

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Latest News - Winter Update Coming

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Headline Featured Revealed

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Release Date & Platforms

FM21 Mobile offers Football Manager fanatics the opportunity to get stuck into the game on the go, in a condensed, compact format.

It may be bite-sized, but there's still plenty to get stuck into. Here is everything that you need to know.

Latest News - Winter Update Coming

We've enjoyed a good few months of mobile gameplay, and now it's time to brace ourselves for the biggest update of the FM calendar.

The Winter Update provides some crucial changes, including updated ratings, transfer players and much more.

Head here to find out more about the FM21 Winter Update.

Headline Featured Revealed

There are some big improvements to FM21 mobile as opposed to its predecessors.

Here are the key changes.

Leagues & Nations Expanded

You will be able to get involved with more leagues and nations than ever before in FM21 Mobile.

Canadian Premier League FM21 1

The Argentinian, Mexican and Canadian Premier League are all making their way to the handheld version of the SI title, with the latter coming as a fully-licensed league!

Tactics Revamped

There are plenty of changes to your tactical output too.

There is a whole host of new tactical templates, a range of new player roles and a brand new set of custom set-pieces.

FM Mobile Fluid Counter Attack

In FM21 Mobile you'll be able to stylise your play in a more creative way than every before!


Plenty of changes have been made to the dynamics in the PC version of FM21, and they have been reciprocated into FM21 Mobile.

FM Mobile Dynamics min

The focus will be on understanding your player's attitude away from the pitch in order to ensure you get their full capabilities on it.

New squad hierarchies, new social groups and a brand new club captains system highlight these new features.


The way in which you interact has gone up a notch in FM21 Mobile.

There are now more opportunities to communicate both in the game and out of the game, including new conversation topics and answers.

Interaction FM21 Mobile

You will be able to give more feedback than ever before too, which means any issues you encounter are more likely to be resolved!

Fine-tuned Details

It's the little things that matter in FM21 Mobile!

FM Mobile Arrange Friendly min

You'll be able to establish feeder clubs in order to give your young stars more opportunities to develop, whilst you can also pick up more media responsibilities and set up your own friendlies if you so wish.

Release Date & Platforms

FM21 Mobile was released on November 24 on both iOS and Android.

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