FIFA 23: Do FUT Champs TOTW packs turn into TOTS cards?

fifa 23 mbappe

fifa 23 mbappe

It's almost time for the Team of the Season (TOTS) promo to take over FIFA 23 Ultimate Team and FUT fans cannot for the festivities to begin.

As usual, the TOTS campaign will bring us plenty of content including stacked promo squads, awesome SBC cards and insane Objective items.

FIFA 23 players will be doing everything they can to have the best possible chance of packing a TOTS card this year.

This process involves storing packs throughout the TOTS Warmp Series and grinding FUT Champions and Division Rivals for the best possible rewards.

In what will be a first for FIFA 23, FUT Champs rewards will change once the TOTS promo begins, allowing players to earn TOTS cards for free simply by playing the Weekend League.

Find out everything you need to know about how FUT Champs rewards will change throughout the TOTS campaign below.

Do TOTW packs turn into TOTS?

If you were to save your Team of the Week packs that you have earned from FUT Champions Weekend League rewards and wait until the TOTS promo begins, they will not automatically turn into TOTS players.

So, this means there is no point in saving your guaranteed TOTW packs for when the Team of the Season players are in packs.

However, the pack rewards that you receive from playing FUT Champions will indeed change once the promo begins.

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GET READY - TOTS packs are on their way

If EA follows the same pattern as we have seen in previous editions of the promo, instead of TOTW packs, you will be able to earn guaranteed TOTS packs.

Depending on which TOTS squads are in packs at the time of that particular Weekend League competition, you will earn special items from that particular league.

For example, depending on how many wins you reach, you could receive a guaranteed Premier League or EFL TOTS Three Players Pack.

Do Red Player Picks turn into TOTS?

A very similar system will be in place for the FUT Champions Red Player Picks.

Saving your in-form Red Player Picks for when the TOTS promo is live will not change them into Team of the Season cards automatically.

Team of the Season Red Player Picks will replace the in-form Red Player Picks whilst the campaign is running.

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GET GRINDING - Weekend League rewards will include TOTS players again

You can earn guaranteed major league TOTS players, like Premier League and the Bundesliga, as well as guaranteed minor league players, like from the EFL.

The more wins you get in FUT Champs, the more guaranteed major league TOTS Red Player Picks you will receive.

It must be noted that all TOTS player picks earned from the Weekend League will be untradeable.

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