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FIFA 22 Tanganga SBC: Player Pick offers two MEGA cards for Spurs star

Another week, another FIFA 22 Future Stars player pick SBC to complete. This time you'll have the chance to unlock a boosted version of Spurs full-back Japhet Tanganga.

Which side of the pitch he plays on is completely up to you as you can choose between his Left Back or Right Back variant.

The stats are the same but his dominant foot will change based on the card you pick. He'll be a fantastic addition to and Premier League Ultimate Team Squad in FIFA 22.

Japhet Tanganga (88 OVR) LB or RB

Start Date: Saturday, 12 February

Expiry Date: Saturday, 19 February

SBC Requirements

There are three different squads needed to unlock one of Japhet Tanganga's new FIFA 22 cards.

Like in other player picks, there are no individual rewards for completing each squad. Instead, you'll have your player pick to make once all three squads are done.

The squad requirements are as follows:

Tactical Emulation

  • Minimum one Tottenham Hotspur player
  • Minimum 81 Team Rating
  • Minimum 80 Team Chemistry

Premier League

  • Minimum one Premier Leauge player
  • Minimum one TOTW player
  • Minimum 83 Team Rating
  • Minimum 70 Team Chemistry

Future Stars

  • Minimum one Future Stars player
  • Minimum 85 Team Rating
  • Minimum 65 Team Chemistry

Which card should you choose?

Choosing which version of Japhet Tanganga you want will come entirely down to where there is room to improve your FIFA 22 Ultimate Team squad.

With an 88 rating, he'll beat out most base gold cards.

It may come down to who has the deadlier pace in your squad and with a 92 rating, Tanganga is going to be hard to beat.

Feel free to throw and chemistry item onto the card to further improve his speed or defensive ability.

You can also choose to change his position should your formation require a Left Wing Back or Right Wing Back instead.

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