New Leon Goretzka card blows Ruud Gullit out of the water

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The Bundesliga Team of the Season (TOTS) squad has arrived in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, bringing with it some excellent new cards.

Unsurprisingly Robert Lewandowski is the highest-rated player, but we are not looking at him today.

Our focus is on his Bayern Munich teammate Leon Goretzka, check out why below.


Bundesliga Team of the Season

The Bundesliga squad is available now, and it's a belter!

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Leading the team is Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski which is no surprise to anyone with his goal record this season.

Add in all his Bayern Munich teammates and Borussia Dortmund stars Erling Haaland and Jadon Sancho, and we think this is the best squad yet.

Not to mention the two Wolfsburg stars who we also love the look of!

EA has not stopped with just the squad though, there are four players to unlock through completing objectives and squad building challenges.

Douglas Costa is the standout of these so far, and we are sure to see plenty more content released throughout the next week.


Goretzka Gang

We all know about the Gullit Gang, you know, any card with all their on-card ratings above 80+.

Well, that has now been blown out of the water by Leon Goretzka who brings all 90+ stats to the party.

leon goretzka tots
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ONE MAN CLUB - Goretzka is the only player with all 90+ stats

In what is quite frankly a ridiculously good card, the German star has no weaknesses.

Well, that isn't true, he is not the man to pick from the penalty spot, but he still is not bad from 12 yards.

leon goretzka tots stats
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OUT OF CHARACTER - We thought Germans were great at penalties

This new card has everything going for it with great physical and pace attributes to make him useable in-game.

The only downside to the card is that it is so good, it is going to cost an absolute fortune, somewhere in the region of 3,000,000 coins.



There really is no comparison to this new Goretzka card, it is just too good.

There are six other cards in FUT 21 that boast all ratings of 85+, so if you are looking for a true all-rounder then you should go after one of these stars.

Germany and Bayern Munich teammate Joshua Kimmich has two 96 OVR cards from the Team of the Year and TOTS events, and both are class.

marcos llorente fifa 21 tots
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BARGAIN - Llorente seems to be going under the radar

They will cost you in the region of 900k coins, which is much cheaper than the 94 OVR Lothar Matthaus Icon Moments.

Your cheapest option comes from the La Liga TOTS squad.

Atletico Madrid's Marcos Llorente is a genuine all-rounder with great pace, so he would be our choice if you are on a budget as he comes in at around 250k.