FIFA 21 Headliners: Riyad Mahrez SBC - Cheapest Solution, Expiry Date, Player Review & more

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The FUT Headliners Team 2 has arrived!

There are some incredbile looking cards in the mix - 89-rated Heung Min Son anyone? - with Riyad Mahrez also joining the party courtesy of this limtied-time SBC.


Headliners Riyad Mahrez Information

The Manchester City winger has enjoyed a decent start to the season - including scoring his first hattrick for the club in thier 5-0 demolition of Burnely back in November - so his inclusion shouldn't come as a suprise.

Here is what you need to know about this SBC.

Start & Expiry Date

Start Date: Friday, January 8 - 6pm GMT

Expiry Date: Friday, January 15 - 6pm GMT


It's just the one squad that will be required in order to pick up the Algerian winger, but don't be fooled. It ain't cheap!

  • Premier League Players: Minimum One
  • Team Rating: Minimum 86
  • Team Chemistry: Minimum 70

Estimated Costs

At the time of writing, the estimated costs for this SBC are as follows:

  • PlayStation: 210k
  • Xbox: 210k

Player Review

210k for an 87 Riyad Mahrez, but is it good value?

This is a very well rounded card, without any massively spectacular stats aside from his 92-rated dribbling.

His 86-rated pace is helped by that spectuacular dribbling, meaning that in-game, Mahrez will feel much quicker than his pace suggests.

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84-rated passing and 83-rated shooting are a little disappoiting for an 87-rated Premier League winger, but don't forget that these ratings are subject to improvement should Mahrez turn on the style in real life.

His 5* skills are sure to excite many a FIFA fan, whilst we can have no qualms with his 4* weak foot either.

We think 210k provides pretty good value for this card, especially when you consider the high probablity that Mahrez picks up another couple of informs before the year is out!