FIFA 20: New Volta Football street mode will also feature online

With more information shared about Volta, here’s an in-depth look at what it offers on FIFA 20.

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Volta Football is new trump card for FIFA 20. After years of demands for a new FIFA Street from the community, it is amazing to see that it is returning in the form of Volta. Now, we can tell you more about the exciting new game mode coming to FIFA 20, and how it will be utilised in the new game. 


The game mode works by setting up your own team and building it over time, with EA announcing that there will be an in-game currency, but no real-world money involved so no pay-to-win either.

This is where FIFA Street 2‘s (2006) ‘Rule the Street’ similarities start. World Mode is an online game where you play against others and if you win, steal a player from your opponent, this is how you build your squad.

You can even steal their avatar! Don’t worry though, if you taste defeat you will not lose any players as your opponent will receive a duplicate.

Another similarity to the original game is the growth of your avatar, playing games and training will improve your player and traits being available to model your player in your own unique way.

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Volta Football means that men and women can line up together for the first time in the FIFA seriesEA are keen to emphasise diversity in Volta. Teams will be made up of both male and female players making it the first time on FIFA that you can play as mixed teams.

The diversity stretches into the playing arenas too with a variety of pitches available. Pitches can be with or without walls, therefore forcing players to adjust their style of play accordingly.

Kick Off

As you would expect. Players can play as small versions of their favourite team dependent on what rules you play.

The rules available are 3v3, 4v4, 5v5 and playing with or without goalkeepers. Imagine playing a 3-a-side game with PSG and selecting Neymar, Mbappe and Veratti!

Take on Man City’s Raheem Sterling, Bernardo Silva and Ederson in Kick OffYou can play with a friend if they are next to you but not online for now, although EA have said that Volta will continue to evolve.

World Mode

Arguably the most exciting announcement yet.

World Mode looks set to play out like the original FIFA Street (2005) for those old enough to remember the legendary game!

World Mode appears to be similar to World Tour on FIFA Street (2012)Starting World Mode, you must create your own avatar with their appearance up to you. Clothing, footwear and tattoos are just some features you can make unique to you.

You must also select your arena complete with logos to make your home turf (or tarmac) a fortress. This is where the different rules come in as you set your own rules in your own arena.

This creates a home advantage, so choose wisely and play to your strengths!

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