FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: What is the new Mystery Ball mode?

House Rules come to FUT this year, with a new feature standing out above the rest.

House Rules were one of the most popular additions to FIFA 19, and it is a surprise that it has taken EA a whole year to bring them to Ultimate Team.

On FIFA 20, casual gamers will be pleased that these are now available online, and will only enhance the bragging rights when playing against your friends.

Survival Mode, No Rules, Long Range, First To and Headers & Volleys all appear on Ultimate Team alongside four new sets of House Rules. 

Mystery Ball and King of the Hill arrive along with two modes that are exclusive to Ultimate Team – Max Chemistry and Swaps.

Each game of Mystery Ball will be 100% random. 

Every time the ball goes out of play the game will randomly select a new mystery ball type, each with a custom goal range, ranging from 1 to 3 goals. 

How does Mystery Ball work?

The ball will also randomly boost one key attribute of the player in possession. Players will hope to receive the All Ball, which boosts everything at once.

Shooting, dribbling, passing and sprint speed can all be individually be increased, spelling nightmares for opposition defences. 

This will be hugely popular on FIFA 20, with it only enhancing the destruction of attack against defence. 

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