FIFA 20: Potential Cheap Beasts to buy at launch

There are usually FUT bargains to be had on day one. Who will it be this year?

The release of FIFA 20 is quickly creeping up on us as the launch date is only just over a month away.

In efforts to prepare you all to have the best possible FIFA Ultimate Team at the earliest stage, we have scoured the earth looking at which players will give you the best bang for their buck in FUT.

Like any start to the FIFA game, players will cost a lot and not everybody will want to spend money on packs to be able to afford them.

Here are our cheap beasts for FIFA 20 FUT on launch.


Let’s start with most people’s coin saving positions… the forwards. Typically, this is where most people will spend big money to be able to have a striker that can score goals. That is how you win games after all. However, what if we told you that you didn’t have to spend big amounts to score plenty of goals and win games? 

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Ante Rebic

The 25-year-old Croatian striker is currently base rated at 79 and worth 700 coins on both PlayStation and Xbox would be an ideal candidate for your FIFA 20 FUT. Why? Rebic is 6’1″, with great pace, strength and shooting abilities.

He also has the potential to go from a 3* skills and 3* weak foot, to 4* skills and 4* weak foot in the new FIFA 20.

Rebic’s abilities coupled with the league that he plays in – Bundesliga – makes him an ideal player to use in the upcoming FIFA 20.

Wilfried Zaha

Wilfried Zaha’s FIFA 19 5* skills, 91 pace, 87 dribbling can all be had for just 900 coins on PlayStation and 1,200 coins on Xbox. Which just portrays how he is a must have in any Premier League squad on a budget. In fact, even if you are not on a budget why spend the coins when for so little you can have this amazing card?

There is plenty of reason to believe Zaha’s skills and abilities will be carried over into FIFA 20. The beta for FIFA 20 has been out a week now we can tell you from first hand experience that Wilfried Zaha is even better than he was last year.


Centre midfielders are a crucial part to any team that want to have a successful season. Most midfielders have the task of being part of both the attack and defence. With this in mind, in your FUT squad needs to have a well-rounded CM if you want to win games. Who fits this description you may ask?

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Renato Sanches

As highlighted by Renato’s card in FIFA 19, its clear to see that he is a very well-rounded player in both defence and attack; this is only likely to increase from his current base rating which is 75. 

Renato’s card is currently worth 4,300 coins on PlayStation and 3,500 coins on Xbox. Although this is the most expensive player mentioned so far, 4,300 coins is a steal in comparison to the famous N’Golo Kante card worth on average 34,000 coins! Whilst the difference in ratings is considerable, don’t fret, if Renato’s FIFA card plays anything like it does in FIFA 19, he’s definitely a player that should be considered.

Jesse Lingard

The 82 rated Englishman plays centre attacking midfielder is worth a mere 1,500 coins on PlayStation and 2,200 coins on Xbox. Lingard’s FIFA 19 card excels in attack and helping assist the forwards that you may have in your team.

To have a player so cheap that provides such quality in the Premier League is something every FUT builder wants. We expect his FIFA 20 card to be in the lower end of the spectrum during launch of the game. 


Defenders can be the most crucial players in any game of FIFA. With all the quality options up front and with most players spending big on attackers you have to have some talent at the back. If you have a bad defence, the consequences can be heavy defeat after heavy defeat.

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Jamaal Lascelles

The 24-year-old centre back in FIFA 19 has 85 jumping, 84 strength and 83 aggression, which suggests that he is definitely someone you want in the back line. His presence is sure to be noticed when the opposition push forward.

Not only is he a brilliant player in defence on FIFA 19 but the 78 rated player only costs 450 coins on PlayStation and 550 coins on Xbox what a bargain. We expect this to be the same on FIFA 20, so keep an eye out.

After playing the FIFA 20 BETA which players do you believe will be cheap beasts and which cheap beasts from FIFA 19 will carry over? Let us know in the comments below!

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