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08 Oct 2019

FIFA 20: Gfinity-owned RealSport101 announces FIFA content partnership with Hashtag United

FIFA 20: Gfinity-owned RealSport101 announces FIFA content
partnership with Hashtag United

Hashtag Harry and other team members will be creating content over the next 10 weeks.

Gfinity-owned website RealSport101 today announces a content partnership with renowned YouTube and football sensations Hashtag United.

The partnership will see various members of the Hashtag roster co-create FIFA-based content for RealSport101’s website and social channels. The 10-week campaign starts on Friday 11 October.

RealSport101, acquired by Gfinity last year, has grown traffic by more than 40 per cent since April – and is currently reaching almost a quarter of a million gamers every day.

RealSport101 has become a dominant voice in the world of FIFA, with gamers drawn to the in-depth articles covering every aspect of one of the world’s biggest and most popular games. Over the past 12 months, the editorial team has been expanded and now covers motorsport, influencer news, and the latest on games like PUBG, Call of Duty and more – all in the same hyper-detailed style.

On social, the RealSport101 Facebook page reaches up to 15 million gamers every month, offering entertaining and shareable content.

John Clarke, Global Brand and Marcomms Officer at Gfinity, said: 

“By combining the creative juices of RealSport101 and Hashtag, one thing is guaranteed: great content that millions of FIFA gamers are going to love.

“These are exciting times in the world of FIFA. The start of the FIFA 20 Global Series and the announcement of the second ePremier League means the spotlight is well and truly on one of the world’s favourite games.”

Seb Carmichael Brown, Commercial Director at Hashtag United, said: 

“We have enjoyed a great relationship with Gfinity for quite some time now and this new partnership with the company’s RealSport101 brand is the latest exciting chapter of our history together.

“The content we will make together will allow both our fans and the RealSport101 audience to see a different side to the personalities of the Hashtag United esports roster, and will, we hope, continue to encourage growth for the FIFA esports industry.”

Gfinity is a driving force in the esports and competitive gaming industry. Through its social channels it organically connects with more than 20 million young gamers each month.

And with the global esports market predicted to generate $1.7 billion by 2021*, there is growing media and commercial interest in the sector – evidenced by the recent FIFA eWorld Cup tournament and Fortnite World Cup.