FIFA 20 Demo: What we want to see in the preview of the game

With EA dropping news and leaks from the Beta, let’s hope the latest trial is the best yet.

George Howson by George Howson

There’s less than one month before the FIFA 20 Demo will be released, and EA have been building up the hype over the past few weeks, by releasing some tantalising details.

Volta and Career Mode information has already dropped in the pitch notes and here’s what we expect to see in the demo next month!

Volta Tour & League

Volta are the flagship features for EA’s promotion of FIFA 20, so a lot of the upcoming demo will focus on its Tour, League and Story modes. 

The Volta League will seemingly work just like the online mode in Ultimate Team, with you trying to get to the top division by playing against opponents online and getting promoted up the leagues. We also expect there’ll be cup tournament available too, but how much of this we’ll see in the demo is just speculation right now.


George Howson