FIFA 20 Career Mode: 7 best Contract expiry signings in 2020 & 2021

With a new season upon us, we look at the players you can snap up on a free... if you're patient.

You’re not playing Career Mode properly if you haven’t developed an eye for picking up a quality player for free at the end of his contract.

The problem is, it’s hard to keep track of who is coming to the end of his deal.

Fortunately, RealSport has you covered. We look at seven of the best players who will be available on a free during the first two seasons of the revamped FIFA 20 career mode.

We’ve taken three players that will be available to pre-sign from January 1, 2020, and four that will be available in your second season, from January 1, 2021. There are some big, big names.

First season

Keep tabs on these three heavyweights in your first season of Career Mode. You can tap them up from January 1, 2020.

Christian Eriksen (OVR 88 – POT 89)

Age: 27

Position: CAM, CM

Club: Tottenham

Country: Denmark

Best Stats: Ball Control 91, Vision 91, Stamina 92

Wage: £175,000

Christian Eriksen’s stalemate with Tottenham Hotspur should be used for your benefit – he’s a fantastic player to use on FIFA. Best deployed behind a striker, he can pass, dribble, score and is a set-piece wizard. He’s versatile too – you can use him in the centre of midfield in an attacking set-up.

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Timo Werner (OVR 84 – POT 87)

Age: 23

Position: ST

Club: RB Leipzig

Country: Germany

Best Stats: Acceleration 93, Sprint Speed 93, Finishing 87

Wage: £68,000

You’d be crazy to pass this one up. Anyone that has used Timo Werner’s special cards on Ultimate Team will know that he’s one of the most dangerous strikers in the game when used correctly, simply because of his blistering pace. Adjust his settings to “get in behind” and he’s a playmakers dream, making runs that defenders simply can’t keep up with. With huge potential, he’s a man you can build a team around. He’s equally effective coming off the bench and causing havoc amongst tired defences.

Toby Alderweireld (OVR 87 – POT 87)

Age: 30

Position: CB

Club: Tottenham Hotspur

Country: Belgium

Best Stats: Standing Tackle 91, Marking 90, Reactions 88

Wage: £140,000

Another high-profile Tottenham contract stalemate; Alderweireld will be available in your first season. He’s worth a punt on simply because he’s a great defender with a few years left in him. However, be wary that he suffers from a slight lack of pace, so use him in a deeper line.

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Second season

If those three weren’t enough, if you are lucky you can claim the best in the world from January 1, 2021.

Lionel Messi: (OVR 94 – POT 94)

Age: 32

Position:, CF, RW, ST

Club: Barcelona

Country: Argentina

Best Stats: Dribbling 97, Composure 96, Balance 95

Wage: £500,000

While it is highly unlikely that Messi leaves Barcelona at the end of next season in real life, he will be available 18 months into your FIFA career. There is little to say about Messi that hasn’t already been written. Although he will be 34 by the time you’ll get your hands on him, he will still have some of the best technical stats in the game and a rating in the 90s.

Leroy Sane (OVR 86 – POT 92)

Age: 23

Position: LW

Club: Manchester City

Country: Germany

Best Stats: Sprint Speed 96, Acceleration 93, Dribbling 88

Wage: £220,000

Sane is another must-have – by the time you get him, he should be one of the best wingers in the game. He has a rare combination of pace and physicality that makes him incredibly hard to defend against. A full back’s nightmare, he’ll score plenty of goals too.

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Paul Pogba (OVR 88 – POT 91)

Age: 26

Position: CM, CAM

Club: Manchester United

Country: France

Best Stats: Long Passing 90, Ball Control 90, Shot Power 90

Wage: £220,000

Paul Pogba has been a FIFA player’s dream for years and is routinely one of the expensive Premier League players to buy on Ultimate Team. He’s so versatile for a centre-mid, his mobility, strength and technical ability allow him to be deployed as a four, six or eight in the centre. He’ll be an ever-present in your team.

Casemiro (OVR 88 – 89)

Age: 27

Position: CDM

Club/Country: Real Madrid/Brazil

Best Stats: Strength 89, Aggression 89, Jumping 88

Wage: £210,000

Casemiro certainly isn’t the prettiest player to use on FIFA, but he’s incredibly effective. There are few better players on the game at breaking up play and delivering crunching tackles. He’s good in the air too and will be a weapon during both defensive or offensive corners. He’s best in a midfield three – but if you play with two in the middle, make sure to keep him back as he doesn’t offer much going forward.

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