FIFA 20 Beta: The Top 5 features leaked online

Some players lucky enough to get a trial version have opened things up to the community.

EA Sports have allowed a select few in the FIFA community to play FIFA 20 way before anyone else has the chance.

Videos and screenshots from Reddit and YouTube users have led to some interesting findings in the new game, creating plenty of speculation in the community.

Some players got acccess to Career Mode and others to Ultimate Team, so there is plenty to tuck into as we begin to understand more about the brand new game coming September 27.

Here are the five biggest features we have found on FIFA 20 so far:

Crazy Customisations

Our previous post on Career Mode highlighted some wacky dress sense modelled by the GOAT Lionel Messi.

However, Reddit user bendovben could create a manager that is half-naked.

No manager in the world looks like this but that is exactly what makes this new customisation feature on FIFA 20 so good.

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YouTuber HeracrossYT, started a Player Career and was able to play games with a baseball cap on.

Yes, you can play games with any of the accessories on during your Player Career.

This player is rocking a fedora hat which will be seen in the game. Crazy and unrealistic but we love it. The question is, will it remain upon its full release at the end of September?

Ultimate Team Packs

Various Reddit users have uploaded videos via Mobile Phones with some very good pulls from their packs. 

The new animation looks fresh and exciting and it is always nice to see a change each year. 

Here is how to tell whether the pack you open has a walkout in it. 

The top picture shows what it looks like without a walkout and the bottom shows a walkout. The difference is a golden door which will show that the player will be a walkout. 

This photo shows that EA are planning to release even larger packs than they already have. 

You already know that they will be very expensive, but will the risk finally be worth the money you spend? 

Player Tactics

After navigating the Team Management menu, some Reddit users have found some new goalkeeper tactics. The Sweeper keeper and drop between defenders are two new tactics are now in FIFA 20.

The "Drop Between Defenders" is for defensive midfielders and creates a back five in a defensive setup. It remains to be seen whether this tactic will be very overpowered when defending a lead. 


YouTuber Bendovben also revealed that transfers remain unrealistic, with Raheem Sterling moving from Manchester City to Chelsea, and the layout is still the same. Although instead of having a meeting in your office, you now discuss big money contracts over afternoon tea. 

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Strafe Dribbling 

The new feature EA have been boasting about seems to be causing some problems in game. It looks very overpowered and needs nerfing before the release on September 27th. Reddit u/cspong4, shows a video an attacking player not getting tackled and moving extremely quickly whilst completing the strafe dribble. 

EA must look to change this before the game is released. Otherwise one of their biggest features will become a flop in FIFA 20.

What are you looking forward to seeing in FIFA 20? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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