FIFA 19: Spain Player Ratings

Spain have slipped from the summit of International football in recent years. We’ve got all the Spain FIFA 19 player ratings.

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

Spain’s reign atop world football was one of the most dominant periods we have ever seen. They won Euro 2008 in dominant fashion, then were completely in control as they walked to victory in the 2010 World Cup and successfully defended their European Championship in 2012. During those three competitions they scored 32 goals and conceded just 6. Since then Spain have struggled somewhat. They have won just twice in the last two World Cups, but the squad is still immensely talented. Here is the Spain squad in FIFA 19.


Team Rating

Spain have a 5 star team rating with 86 attack, 86 midfield and 85 defence.

The Spanish national side are one of the very best teams in FIFA 19. Their 86 attack is second only to Argentina (87) and their midfield is the absolute best among international sides. With amazing balance across all three parts of the team there are no weaknesses to Spain.

David de Gea (OVR 91 – POT 93)

Age: 27

Position: GK

Club: Manchester United

David de Gea’s talents are not in question. He is comfortably the best goalkeeper in the Premier League if not the world. He has made 242 appearances for Manchester United and registered 94 clean sheets. With unparalleled shot-stopper stats (94 GK reflexes, 90 GK diving) and terrific reactions (90) there is no doubt that de Gea is #1 for Spain.

Dani Carvajal (OVR 84 – POT 87)

Age: 26

Position: RB

Club: Real Madrid

Dani Carvajal is the ideal full back for a team that wants to play on the ball and with little width from the attackers. A good athlete (84 sprint speed, 84 stamina) Carvajal can get up and down the flank all day and is capable of turning provider as well (83 crossing, 81 short pass). Spain’s lack of true wingers makes Carvajal’s influence all the more important.


Nacho Fernandez (OVR 83 – POT 85)

Age: 28

Position: CB, LB, RB

Club: Real Madrid

Capable of playing all over the back 4, Nacho Fernandez’s real home is at centre back. While he isn’t perhaps as physical as you may like (79 strength, 78 aggression), Fernandez makes up for it by being a solid tackler (86 stand tackle, 85 slide tackle) and showing good talent with the ball at his feet (78 ball control, 80 short pass). Fernandez made his international debut in 2013 and has won 21 caps since then.

Sergio Ramos (OVR 91 – POT 91)

Age: 32

Position: CB

Club: Real Madrid

Sergio Ramos has won everything there is to win with both club and country. In his 158 caps for Spain he has scored 14 times and lifted both the European Championship and World Cup. In Real Madrid colours he has hoisted 4 Champions League titles. While Ramos’ speed has declined, he is still physically imposing (83 strength, 84 aggression, 93 jumping). He is also a superb tackler (92 stand tackle, 91 slide tackle) and is as great without the ball (89 marking, 90 interceptions).


Jordi Alba (OVR 87 – POT 87)

Age: 29

Position: LB

Club: Barcelona

Like Dani Carvajal on the other side, Jordi Alba is the perfect full back for Spain. A remarkably quick player (93 sprint speed, 93 acceleration, 90 agility, 91 stamina) Alba can fly up and down the left flank forever and cause endless issues for the opposition. He has enough talent on the ball to threaten regularly (87 crossing, 84 short pass) and is solid at the back as well (84 stand tackle, 85 slide tackle).

Sergio Busquets (OVR 88 – POT 88)

Age: 30

Position: CDM, CM

Club: Barcelona

Sergio Busquets is the shield in the midfield that allows the full backs to rampage forward. A strong player without the ball (86 stand tackle, 90 marking, 87 interceptions) Busquets is terrific at breaking up an opponents attack. However, that isn’t all he can do, he is also capable of launching Spain forward once he wins the ball (88 short pass, 85 ball control).

Saul (OVR 85 – POT 91)

Age: 23

Position: CM, LM, RM

Club: Atletico Madrid

Despite his youthful age Saul has already had a lengthy club career with Atletico Madrid. He has had to wait behind Spain’s golden generation, but with Xavi and Iniesta gone he has the chance to take over the middle of the Spanish side for years to come. A good distributor of the ball (85 short pass, 83 long pass, 83 dribbling) Saul is a quality option for any side at centre midfield, and he can tackle pretty well for a more attack-minded player (79 stand tackle, 76 slide tackle).

Thiago (OVR 86 – POT 86)

Age: 27

Position: CM, CAM, CDM

Club: Bayern Munich

Thiago is another trying to fill the boots of Xavi and Iniesta. A calm and serene presence in midfield, Thiago compliments Saul very well with both his mental talents (86 vision, 85 composure) and on-the-ball skills. Thiago is an excellent passer (90 short pass, 87 long pass) but can also go past defenders (90 dribbling, 90 ball control). He is not a particularly active part of the defensive plans for Spain though.

Marco Asensio (OVR 85 – POT 93)

Age: 22

Position: LW, RW, CAM

Club: Real Madrid

Capable of playing all across the attacking midfield, Marco Asensio is one of the best up and coming players in the world. The Real Madrid attacker has made just 17 caps for Spain as he battles for a permanent role at a very competitive position. Asensio is brilliant on the ball and can do everything you’d want of a player (85 short pass, 82 long pass, 82 crossing, 87 dribbling, 84 finishing). 

Isco (OVR 89 – POT 92)

Age: 26

Position: CAM, CM, LW

Club: Real Madrid

Isco is a remarkable talent who will have a huge influence on Spain in the coming years. The Real Madrid man is not fast, but he can take on and beat defenders in the blink of an eye (90 balance, 87 agility, 95 ball control, 94 dribbling) while also being a very good distributor and finisher (89 short pass, 84 long pass, 85 finish).

Diego Costa (OVR 85 – POT 85)

Age: 29

Position: ST

Club: Atletico Madrid

Diego Costa is the consummate striker. An endless pain for defenders thanks to his physicality (92 strength, 93 aggression), Costa makes a lot of headlines for the wrong reasons but that doesn’t make him less deadly in front of goal. A calm and clinical player, Costa is the ideal spearhead for the Spanish attack (83 composure, 87 finishing, 82 heading accuracy).

Full Spain Squad Player Ratings

Name Age Pos Club OVR POT
De Gea 27 GK Manchester United 91 93
Carvajal 26 RB Real Madrid 84 87
Nacho Fernández 28 CB
Real Madrid 83 85
Sergio Ramos 32 CB Real Madrid 91 91
Jordi Alba 29 LB Barcelona 87 87
Sergio Busquets 29 CDM
Barcelona 88 88
Thiago 27 CM
Bayern Munich 86 86
Saul 23 CM
Atletico Madrid 85 91
Marco Asensio 22 LW
Real Madrid 85 93
Diego Costa 29 ST Atletico Madrid 85 85
Isco 26 CAM
Real Madrid 89 92
Iago Aspas 30 RW
Celta Vigo 85 85
Rodrigo 27 ST
Valencia 84 85
Morata 25 ST Chelsea 83 86
Koke 26 LW
Atletico Madrid 85 86
Azpilicueta 28 CB Chelsea 86 87
Sergi Roberto 26 RB
Barcelona 84 87
Kepa 23 GK Chelsea 83 91
Raúl Albiol 32 CB Napoli 84 84
Suso 24 RW
AC Milan 82 87
Rodri 22 CM
Atletico Madrid 82 87
Marcos Alonso 27 LB
Real Madrid 82 83
Pau López 23 GK Real Betis 82 87


Toby Durant