FIFA 16 QPR: Complete Guide For Career Mode

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For those gamers that don’t like playing online, manager mode is their FIFA haven. A place where you can take apart any team you want, and completely construct a new one, however you please. Sometimes though, it helps to have a helping hand in explaining how to best use different teams on Career Mode. So, RealSport have devised a team-by-team guide for anyone looking to start a manager mode on FIFA 16. A list of some other useful FIFA guides:

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General Tips

  • Always choose the lenient option when selecting your ‘financial strictness’. This way you get 85% of the money that the board receives from outgoing transfers to spend on new players
  • Use the new ‘Training’ feature – even if you can’t be bothered to always carry out the drills, simulate 5 drills every week, it’s a useful way to help your players grow outside of matches
  • Remember, it’s not always the wisest move to spend all your transfer budget in summer as you may need a few replacements come January, so if possible, save a few of those pennies for a rainy day!


  • Transfer budget – £14.5 million (The highest of any Championship team)
  • Wage budget – £50,000 a week

What the team needs

  • Striker
  • Winger
  • Goalkeeper

Who should go

A general rule here is to sell off players that are old (31+), as on FIFA, their ratings can deteriorate pretty fast, so it’s best to cash in on them while they’re still valuable. Below is the names of the players you should get rid of and the lowest value at which you should sell that player:

  • Karl Henry – £500,000
  • Rob Green – £1.8 million
  • Samba Diakite – £1.1 million

Total Received = £3.4 million

New Budget = £17.9 million

Who you should buy (with the smaller budget)

If you can, aim to sign younger players, as FIFA has this thing for making a majority of all decent young players develop pretty well, even if they don’t in real life. If you can’t sell the ‘deadweight’ players, the following are those you can sign within your original budget (£14.5 million):

Name: Goncalo Guedes (73)

Cost: £4.3 million (Benfica)

Is he worth it?

  • QPR have the luxury of spending big on Career Mode, so use that. The first move you should make is for Goncalo Guedes, pacey winger with bags of room to grow to around 88 overall

Alternative option: Vaclav Cerny – £1.7 million (Ajax)

Name: Jordan Rhodes (75)

Cost: £4.2 million (Blackburn)

Is he worth it?

  • Rhodes has long been seen as one of the best strikers outside of the Premier League and will definitely score the goals you need to get promoted. If you prefer pace up top, look at Cameron Jerome (£4.2 million) instead

 Alternative option: Nouha Dicko (70) – £2m (Wolves)

Name: Bartlomiej Dragowski (71)

Cost: £3.4 million (Jagiellonia)

Is he worth it?

  • Green is 36 and will only get worse/less valuable, so selling him is a must. Once he’s gone, snap up Dragowski ASAP. He’s 17, ready to slot into your first-team, has bags of potential and is already better than Alex Smithies (68)

Alternative option: Nouha Dicko (70) – £2 million (Wolves)

Who you should buy (with the larger budget)

If you do manage to sell the ‘deadweight’ players listed above, these are the extra players you should think about signing. Each player’s rating is shown in brackets:

Name: Nouha Dicko (70)

Cost: £2 million (Wolves)

Is he worth it?

  • Dicko is young (23), fast (90 sprint speed & 90 acceleration) and could well grow to 75-76 by the time you get promoted. QPR aren’t exactly flush with top-strikers either, making him a smart buy with your leftover money

Name: Vaclav Cerny (67)

Cost: £1.7 million (Ajax)

Is he worth it?

  • If Phillips is somehow prized away from you, snap up Cerny, or even Phillips stays, get Cerny on your books and use him as your go-to super-sub


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