FIFA 21 Weekend League: FUT Champs Red Picks appear to be bugged in Ultimate Team

There have been issues with the FUT Champs player picks this week, and the latest is by far the most annoying!

Find out more below.


We are used to the FUT Champs Player picks being untradeable but being unusable too makes them futile!

This is the issue FIFA fans are facing today as their FUT Champs rewards appear to be bugged and won’t let players use them in their squads.


EA are already onto the issue, and we hope it is resolved soon.

This is not the first issue they have had with this week’s Red Player Picks though, as some Team of the Week (TOTW) 7 players were revealed early.


FUT Champs Leak

TOTW 7 was revealed to us last night, with a 94-rated Lionel Messi the standout player.

However, we were already aware of his inclusion. Some of the players had been revealed in another issue with the Red Player Picks.

messi totw 7
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PREMATURE! We knew about Messi's place in TOTW 7 before release

The TOTW 7 players were appearing as choices before the squad had been released, revealing the identity of several player from the inbound squad.

Whatever the problem is, we hope EA resolve the FUT Champs issues soon rather than later.

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