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FIFA 21: Ultimate Team player racks up 500 goals with legendary goalkeeper

One of the objectives on FUT Rivals is to score 500 goals, but one FIFA fan has taken it to new extremes!

Check out the incredible feat below.

500 Goals!

The 500 Goals milestone on FIFA 21 Ultimate Team will earn you a Jumbo Rare Player Pack, but it means so much more.

It is a milestone to celebrate, to cherish and to remember some of the best goals you have scored.

fifa 21 500 goals
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HARD WORK! Getting to 500 goals will take some time

And in some cases, it is a time to look fondly back on all the players you have humiliated by scoring with a goalkeeper!

That is exactly what Reddit user dsrii has done, compiling some of his best goals and sharing them with the world.


Goal Machine

Chelsea and Czech Republic legend Petr Cech is the clinical goalkeeper in question, and the compilation of goals could easily fool us into thinking he was a striker!

His record is incredible, with 500 goals in just 327 matches!

cech base icon 86
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One of this year’s ICONs, Cech scores all kinds of goals throughout the video. From towering headers, composed 1 v 1 finishes and even scorpion kicks, Cech has the lot!

Check out the video here.

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