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FIFA 21: Season 2 Objectives Now Live in Ultimate Team!

Season 2 has arrived in Ultimate Team!

You've had time to build your squads, and now it's time to get stuck into a second season worth of objectives, with some very decent rewards if you complete all 30 levels!

Here is what you need to know.

Whats on Offer?

As always, there are 30 levels for you to work through in the latest FUT season, with a variety of rewards as you progress.

From loan players, to packs, to special cards, there is plenty on offer for those who slug it out!

Here are some of the highlights.

  • Level 9: Gold Players Pack
  • Level 15: Storyline Tello, Woo Yeong or Aidoo
  • Level 17 & 18: Rare Gold Pack
  • Level 24: Prime Gold Players Pack
  • Level 27: PL Prime Players Pack
  • Level 30: Storyline Aspas, Romagnoli or Keita

Level 30 Storyline Pick

It should come as no surprise that the highlight of Season 2 comes at the very end of your progress.

Getting to Level 30 grants you the choice of either Iago Aspas, Alessio Romagnoli or Nabi Keita.

Three very good cards from three of the 'big five' European leagues. It'll be tough picking just one to link up with your Ultimate Team!

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