FIFA 21 Rulebreakers Team 2: Paul Pogba - Stats, Cost, Player Review & more

The second team of the Rulebreakers promo has just dropped, and it is sensational!

Seven different leagues feature - including each of the 'big five' - meaning that no matter what team you have, it's likely there is a player for you!

One of the standout names is Manchester United's Paul Pogba, but how good is his new card?

Defensive Capabilities Boosted

The key element is this promotion is that players will see a key change in one area of their game.

In Pogba's case, it's his defensive game that's rocketed.

His defending has been increased by no fewer than 16 ratings, from a respectable 66 on his base card to an impressive 82 OVR on his latest card.

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In return for the boosted defending, EA have helped themselves to nine points off Pogba's passing, which still sits at a reasonable 77 OVR.

Here are the stat changes in full:

  • Pace + 2 (75 → 77)
  • Dribbling + 1 (85 → 86)
  • Shooting + 1 (81 → 82)
  • Defending + 16 (66 → 82)
  • Passing - 9 (86 → 77)
  • Physicality + 1 (85 → 86)

TOTAL STATS + 12 (476 → 488)

Better than before?

As you can see in the above statistics, Pogba has seen his card boosted in five of the six key areas, with just his passing downgraded.

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But the question is, after these changes, is Pogba better than he was previously?


Absolutely no question.

The +16 to his defending has turned Pogba into one of the best defensive midfielders that the Premier League has to offer on FUT.

He's also received that minor boost to his physicality which makes him that little bit stronger in those key duels.

The high attacking work rate remains, which isn't ideal for a CDM, but if you want to use the Frenchman as a defensive midfielder, then this card is the way forward.


Again we'd say yes.

That -9 to his passing isn't ideal, but in the current meta passing isn't overly difficult, meaning that he'll still be able to find the majority of passes he'll attempt.

If you're looking to spread those Hail Mary long balls to your overlapping fullbacks then maybe stick with the base card, but if not, this Rulebreakers card is for sure an upgrade.


The final of the three central midfielder positions is the CAM spot.

Of the three positions, this is the one that's the most up for debate in our opinion.

The key to this card is the boost to his defending, which he won't be expected to do much of as a CAM. The boosted shooting is a bonus for when he's through on goal, but it's not huge.

For the asking price, you're probably better sticking with his base card if you're going to use the Manchester United man in that advanced role.

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