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FIFA 21 Career Mode: Reddit user left ‘speechless’ by regen player name

Regen players are commonplace in Career Mode, Football Manager etc, but some of the names can be interesting to say the least!

Check out one of the best we have seen below.

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Regen Player Names

As you go through Career Mode players will retire, meaning they need to be replaced by what are known as ‘regen’ players.

Most of the time these players will have ordinary names, but every now and then we stumble across a belter.

Some of the names are what you would tell the supply teacher your name was at school, while others just aren’t real names at all!

However, one name that has surfaced on Reddit may just trump the lot.


Come on EA

Reddit user Rvokac shared this gem of a name online, claiming it left him ‘speechless’.

Free Agent “Long Wang” appeared on his scout report, and we think EA must be joking with this one.

long wang fifa 21
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UNIQUE! Is this the best regen name out there

Despite the quite frankly hilarious name, we don’t think Long Wang will be getting snapped up anytime soon as his stats do not look great.

Although at just 16 years old, he may be a grower not a show-er.


Mythological Legend?

Whilst we may be being childish and sniggering at Long Wang, it turns out his name has a rather spectacular meaning in Pinyin.

Pinyin is the Romanization of Chinese symbols based on their pronunciation, obviously.

It turns out our friend Long Wang could be the ‘Dragon King’. Pretty cool.

I guess if you were a Dragon King then your footballing career may take a back seat.

Best of the Rest

Whilst the legendary Long Wang stands tall above the rest, he is certainly challenged by ‘Long Dong’’.

It looks like EA need to be a bit more careful using ‘Long’ as a first name rather than an adjective.

long dong fifa 21
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RIVALS! Long Dong looks to have the edge on Long Wang

Among our other favourites are Ziggy Armstrong, Bjorn Loser and Alan Allan-Alan whose parents really need to take a look at themselves.

Either way, we thank you EA for providing us with little pockets of amusement as we get through our Career Modes.


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