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19 Jul 2018

F1 Mobile Racing: Everything we know so far (features, gameplay, release date & price)

F1 Mobile Racing: Everything we know so far (features,
gameplay, release date & price)

Codemasters have announced that alongside F1 2018, a new F1 game will be coming to mobile devices. Here is everything you need to know about F1 Mobile Racing...

Photo Credit: (Codemasters)

F1 Mobile Racing builds on the release of the F1 2016 mobile game, whilst also adding a whole wealth of new features. Whilst F1 2016 mobile was a fairly simple port of the desktop and console game, without the in-depth career mode, F1 Mobile Racing is so much more than that.

Single Player Features

Whilst featuring the official tracks, teams and drivers of the 2018 F1 season, the game also allows players to field their own car amongst the rest of the grid and to customise its appearance. You can change how it looks and add various stickers to make it your own unique car and to let your imagination run riot.

You can also develop and upgrade your car just like in F1 2017/2018. Whilst not quite as in depth as the R&D tree on F1 2017, you still have a lot of development you can do on the car in order to become the fastest on the grid. You can research new parts, for example, a new front wing, and then add it to the car and increase its performance. You can improve the cars power, reduce its weight and more. For a mobile adaptation of the full game, it's filled with content that will make you play for hours and hours.


Single player isn't where the features end, however. F1 Mobile Racing also features a fantastic real-time multiplayer mode, so you can compete against your friends and other players around the world. The multiplayer modes are called duel modes and are separated into three formats. These formats are yet to be revealed but they will no doubt make for a very interesting online experience. It's definitely an improvement on what was featured in F1 2016 on mobile, as that game didn't feature a multiplayer experience.