EA Sports have listened: Squad Battles with a BIG update in FC 24

The EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team deep dive is finally here, the live stream lasted roughly 7 minutes long showcasing everything new and updates in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team.

The hype is well and truly here for EA FC 24 as we now have just one more deep dive to go being Clubs. Through deep dives in gameplay, career, match day experience and ultimate team - we now have a very good understanding on what to expect in the brand new title and new era of EA Sports FC.

Through the latest Ultimate Team deep dive, loads of new information was revealed, one that everyone paid extra attention to was the beloved Ultimate Team Champs and Draft. Two huge parts in Ultimate Team that fans were waiting months to find out what new changes were to come. Without further or do, lets dive into the latest Champs and Draft features.

Squad Battles match length

EA Sports have listened to the FC community as they have now updated the length of squad battle matches. Squad battles are mainly played to complete objectives - it is a fact that the majority of Ultimate Team players would rather play online matches rather than offline such as in squad battles.

Squad Battles
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This being said many EA FC fans have requested for the length of Squad Battle matches to reduced allowing for Ultimate Team players to focus more on online gameplay rather than offline gameplay.

EA Sports have confirmed in the Ultimate Team deep dive that Squad Battles matches have now been reduced from 6 minute halves to 4 minute halves.

A great improvement for the overall Ultimate Team experience as objectives can now be completed quicker by chopping off 4 minutes of offline gameplay.

This was listed in our 'five things we want to see in the EA FC 24 deep dive' article, although we stated that we would like the match length to be reduced from 6 minutes to 4 minutes, the community is still very happy with this reduction!

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