Three and Five-Back Formations Banned From Official EA FC 24 Tournaments

EA FC 24
Credit: EA Sports

EA FC 24
Credit: EA Sports

The beauty of football sims like EA FC 24 is that you can tailor your experience to fit your very own playstyle. Sadly, if you're a defensive mastermind looking to go pro, you'll be disappointed to hear that EA has banned all three and five-back formations.

The information comes via Olle Arbin, an FC Pro player for Ninjas in Pyjamas. The 21-year-old shared via social media that EA was planning on banning from pro tournaments several defensive minded formations, including:

  • 5-2-2-1
  • 5-2-3
  • 5-1-2-2
  • 3-5-2
  • 3-4-1-2
  • 3-1-4-2
  • 3-4-3

Described as a "big W" by Olle himself, it seems the community is very happy with this change, as defensive playstyles had been dominating the meta of previous titles and were poised to do the same with EA FC 24.

Of course, a certain vocal minority have pointed out the rather ironic idea of banning a formation from competitive play. EA Sports likes to brag about the tactical depth they offer with each iteration of their football simulator, with EA FC 24 showcasing even more unique features to make each player distinct.

Of course, if you're not interested in the esports scene, either watching or giving it a go for yourself, you don't have to worry too much about these formations we mentioned being banned.

Things like Champs in EA FC 24, any other Ultimate Team related mode, and obviously, Career Mode or offline features will not have any sort of ban on formations.

What are your thoughts on banning formations in EA FC 24? Do you think it's a half-measure or is it completely warranted considering how strong they are?

Regardless, we have plenty of more content for you to enjoy, including a whole breakdown of Career Mode where you can enjoy toying with all the non-banned formations! We also recommend you check out the best Argentinian players so you can try to find and develop the next South American superstar in your team!

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