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EA FC 24: Player goes viral thanks to amazing celebrations!

Carson Pickett

EA FC 24 is now finally out for players who have access to Early Access and also for those who have the pre-order package of the FC 24. Players who want the Standard Edition will have to wait until 29 September 2023 before they can play EA FC 24.

With the game available to many players, everything has been revealed about EA FC 24 and new players that have entered the game. With the latest player blowing up social media with never seen before content in FIFA history.

Without further ado, let's take a look at this record-breaking player in EA FC 24!

Carson Pickett in FC 24

For the first time in history, there is a player in the game with a physical disability that will definitely have an impact on performance in real life. Effecting balance, this disability will most likely give Pickett a disadvantage in real life, however, she has persevered and made it to FC 24!

Carson Pickett is the first person in the game to have a limb difference, with only one arm, we have never seen this before in the game but this inclusion is what EA FC 24 is all about!

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Carson Pickett is a 30-year-old left-back who currently plays for Racing Louisville FC of the NWSL and the United States national team. With the inclusion of women in Ultimate Team this year, Pickett is now in the game, breaking records and making herself even more inspirational now that millions of FC 24 fans are aware of her.

Regardless of her disability Carson Pickett is still 82-rated, a credit to her to have such a high rating.

Carson Pickett cannot take throw-ins in EA FC 24 and cannot play in goal, a smart move by EA Sports to make sure these are not possible. Although there are a lot of celebrations that can be done that have sparked reactions on social media.

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Celebrations such as the 'griddy' or even a cartwheel celebration have been plastered on social media as the 'one-armed girl' does some of the most iconic EA FC 24 celebrations.

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