PlayStation sale 2020: All games under £20 ahead of PS Plus February

Sony’s next sale is live on the PS store, but which games are worth buying this month?

by Oscar Dobbins
ps plus 16 POUNDS

To mark the start of a new decade, the PlayStation store has launched a £16 sale – the sale is only on until next week, so make sure you act quick!

This promotion is aptly named ‘Games under €20’ and sees a number of top-quality titles get their prices slashed to around £16. 

Keep reading to find out more.

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The next sale starts today (17/01/2020) and ends on 5th February 2020.

So, if you want to pick up a great bargain, you’ll have to be quick, as you have a little over a week to pick up the games you want. 

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Luckily, you don’t have to download the games before this date, you just have to make sure you have bought and own the game. 

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Best Games 

A full list of the games available can be found at on the PlayStation website, however, we’ve picked out the pick of the bunch below.

Assassin’s Creed Origins – DELUXE EDITION (£15.99) 

BAYEK’S JOURNEY – Follow Bayek on his journey to found
the Assassins Brotherhood.

A brilliant return to form for the Ubisoft adventure – bringing with it new combat and enhanced visuals. Plus it’s better than the newer AC Odyssey in nearly every respect. Worth a play.

Cities: Skylines (£9.99) 

NOT SIMS CITY – If you like Sims City but are looking for more
micro-management, this is the game for you.

Basically, Cities is a current-gen version of Sim City. So, you’ll spend a lot of your time planning builds, taxation, public services, and public transportation. Doesn’t sound like fun, but trust us, it is.

Fallout 4 (£8.99) 

THE WANDERER – Adventure through the wasteland as you gaze
upon a post-apocalyptic world.

Fallout 4 may have its haters but underneath the glitches and pointless fetch quests is a decent game that’s worth a play – especially at this price.

Titanfall 2 (£3.99) 

If you’re a fan of Apex Legends, then the Titanfall sequel is a must-have – and it’s less than a fiver.

Stunning visuals and a surprisingly emotional storyline makes this a must have.  

CALL IN YOUR TITAN – Enjoy the gameplay from Apex legends in
Respawn’s parkour based game

Triple-A titles for less than £10 is a bargain that you can’t say no to.

Again, if you wish to pick up any of these deals, make sure you pick them up before 5th February. 

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