13 Aug 2021 8:55 AM +00:00

Warzone to get two new battle royale-exclusive perks in Season 5 update

Warzone's next major update is finally here and Raven Software is finally starting to treat the battle royale like its own game. It does, though, suggest Modern Warfare 2019 is really not their concern anymore... It's hard to tell but Warzone is getting two new perks in the Season 5 update and here's what we know.

New Warzone Season 5 Perks

Combat Scout - Squad Reconnaissance

Combat Scout is a perk that's all about keeping enemies pinged and visible. With Combat Scout equipped, enemies will glow bright orange and get pinged when you deal damage to them.

" Whether it’s confirming a callout or finding someone cooped up in a building behind penetrable cover, this Perk only grows stronger if the Operator behind it can communicate effectively to their squadmates."

There's no word on whether this will make them glow for your squadmates, though, so communication will still be key to make the most of this perk. It would come in handy for a squad of snipers, though...

New Warzone Season 5 Perks
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ARMOR UP AND WATCH OUT - Both of these perks sound surprisingly balanced

Tempered - Changing How Armor Works

Tempered is all about switching up the Armor Plates and making sure you're at full strength all of the time. With this perk, each Armor Plate is worth 75 instead of 50. However, you can only use two at a time.

" When an Operator is under the effects of Tempered, their Armor Plates are heavier and more reinforced – only two of them are needed for an Operator to be considered “fully armored” compared to the standard three."

Essentially, this perk speeds up how long it takes you to fully "Armor Up". If you're always running low on shields, it could come in handy too. It does take up the Perk 2 slot though, so you'll be losing out on Overkill or Ghost...

When are the new perks available to use?

Both of these new Warzone perks have been added alongside the rest of the new Season 5 content. This means they were both added on August 12th at the following times:

  • 21:00 August 11th - PST
  • 00:00 August 12th - EST
  • 05:00 August 12th - BST