Warzone Pacific Update: Top Secret Contract & how to complete

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It looks like Warzone isn't just keeping the details about Caldera a secret, there are also some secrets about the new content that's coming in the Warzone Pacific update to uncover. So far, we know that we're getting at least three new contracts in the Warzone Pacific update - The Supply Drop Contract, the Big Game Bounty, and the Top Secret Contract.

We're here to talk about the Top Secret Contract - here's what we know so far...



Warzone's next major update is on the way and we can't wait to jump into Caldera with Vanguard's new weapons. The Warzone Pacific update is coming on December 8th and there's going to be a mystery contract for players to pick up and complete.

At the moment, though, as the name suggests, we don't actually know what it's going to mean. Call of Duty has said the following so far...

" ... another – known as Top Secret Contract – is, as one could expect, [[REDACTED]] until you pick it up, but comes with greater rewards compared to the standard loot from the Contract types it chooses from... "

This could be a mix of all the existing contracts in Warzone or something completely different - it's hard to tell. The leaks aren't saying anything at the moment - but it looks like Call of Duty are starting to adapt more and there could be some more dynamic objectives to complete in Warzone going forwards.

We would like to see something that takes inspiration from Warzone's in-game challenges a little more - like getting Warzone kills with certain weapons or surviving in a certain area for an extended amount of time. With Caldera being roughly the same size as Verdansk, we'd like to see something that puts more of a target on players' backs.