Warzone Pacific Update: Is Caldera bigger than Verdansk?

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The Warzone Pacific update is on the way and Call of Duty has started sharing more details about the new map - Caldera - and the new gameplay experience coming next week. Caldera is looking like it could be a good map, but is it much bigger than Verdansk?

Here's what we know...

Is Caldera a bigger map than Verdansk?


A lot of Warzone fans agree that Verdansk is the perfect map size for the lobbies in play. Outside of popular POI locations, there's enough time to loot and the late-game circles aren't overcrowded with players. There's time to breathe in Verdansk.

Thankfully, it looks like Caldera is going to be the same. As you can see below, in our first look at Caldera, there's going to be quite a few POI locations to explore...

In fact, there's going to be over 200 POI locations scattered throughout all fifteen regions outlined.

However, YouTuber XclusiveAce has worked out that Caldera is going to be roughly the same size as Verdansk - not bigger like people initially thought. Here are their measurements below:

Although the two maps don't match up to one another exactly, they look like similar sizes when placed side by side with one another. Interestingly, though, the central areas look to be less cluttered than they are in Verdansk.

Verdansk's busiest areas are along the bottom half of the map, with open areas up to the top. However, Caldera's busiest areas are all around the edge of the island. With any luck, this should make drop patterns a little more interesting and the late-game circles more open.

Verdansk has had problems in the past where all the remaining teams are coming from the same POI location when chasing a closing circle. Caldera could be a more balanced "meet in the middle" situation with a bit of tweaking. We can imagine there's going to be quite a few changes to circle patterns in the weeks following the Warzone Pacific update.