Black Ops Cold War Season 2 Leak Confirms New Weapons

Treyarch has pitched this year as the largest in Call of Duty history and a new Black Ops Cold War Season 2 leak suggests that they're still sticking to this!

In the most recent update, Treyarch added a new multiplayer map and a new COD Zombies map to Black Ops Cold War.

This, alongside playlist updates and weapon tuning, is just the start going into the next season.

Dataminer Tailsdoll711 has leaked that four new weapons are coming to Black Ops Cold War over the next season of content.

They may not all be available at launch, but we've got a run-down on what to expect.

New Sniper Rifle

This seems to be the one a lot of people are most excited about.

Despite rumours that the infamously-detested Dragunov was making it's way into Black Ops Cold War, information has been found that the next sniper being added to the game is actually the NTW-20.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Season Two Leak Sniper Rifle
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SCOPED - Another Sniper Rifle is on the way? Will it rival the existing line-up?

TailsDoll711 has reportedly already found the files for this weapon and information about a Legendary Blueprint variant that will be coming alongside it's addition.

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Below, you can check out his Tweet about this information, suggesting that the NTW-20 will be a mid-season weapon:


In addition to the NTW-20 Sniper Rifle, a new SMG is also on the way.

The AI-LC10 is what the weapon is known as in the Black Ops Cold War files, however, details are scarce given that this is not the name of any real-world weapon.

It isn't unknown for game developers to use fake or altered names for in-game weapons and this is done for a number of reasons.

Whether it is to avoid any negative reception from fans or to avoid copyrighting issues with manufacturers, Call of Duty is just one of several franchises known to use fake names for some of their weapons.

Although we don't know what this will look like, we do know it is a fully-automatic weapon with files already in-game.

Black Ops Cold War's Submachine Gun line-up is missing a slower-firing heavier weapon: Could this be it?

New Melee Weapons

In a similar fashion to Black Ops Cold War Season One, there are reportedly two new melee weapons coming to the game over the course of the next season.

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The E-Tool, a folding shovel, and a Machete are both coming to Black Ops Cold War.

The E-Tool is "equally effective as an ancillary weapon in close quarters combat", according to its weapon description.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Season Two E-Tool new melee weapon
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WHACK! - Entrenching Tools is an overarching term, so there's no saying what it will look like yet

Similarly, the Machete has a "durable steel blade, tempered to maximum toughness".

TailsDoll711 has also found information regarding a bundle which will include the Machete:

Both of these will also have the following challenges:

  • E-Tool: Using the Knife, kill 3 enemies without dying in X Amount of different matches;
  • Machete: Using the Knife, get 3 kills while injured in X Amount of different matches;

With many players calling for a Melee Buff in-game, could these be used to help satiate these outcries?

The next update is on the way, but for now, this Cold War Season 2 leak is all we have regarding new weapons.

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