Black Ops Cold War 1.11 Update February 4: Update Out Now, Patch Notes Revealed, Firebase Z, Express, Weapon Balancing, Playlist Changes and More

It's here! The Black Ops Cold War 1.11 Update has dropped and added a whole load of new stuff!

This update is going to be a big one, too! Firebase Z may be dominating the discourse, but there's also new multiplayer maps and playlist updates coming to Black Ops Cold War.

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Below, we've collated all the information and gathered everything you need to know about the next update...


LATEST - Express 24/7

Much like with any newly-added map, a 24/7 playlist has been added to Black Ops Cold War's multiplayer.

The question is... Is Express the right map for it?

In the past, Nuketown 24/7 has been incredibly popular and Shipment 24/7 has proved a hit on Modern Warfare games.

But Express is larger, more complicated and is arguably not as suited to the rapid-fire fighting a 24/7 playlist should have.

When a smaller map has a 24/7 playlist, it's often a hit because it's easier to get huge amounts of kills and level up weapons and complete challenges.

However, you can't see this happening with Express... Do you think Express 24/7 is worth it?


New Maps

The next map coming to Black Ops Cold War is a classic Black Ops 2 location.

Express is coming, remastered and rebuilt, to the latest Call of Duty game! This is the first time the game has been remastered, unlike Nuketown.

Black Ops Cold War February 4 1.11 Update Black Ops 2 Express New Map
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CLASSIC - Express was a fan-favourite on Black Ops 2!

Express features close-quarters combat and long sight-lines bisected by a speeding train.

It provides the perfect mix of short-range gunfights and longer sniping options with an environmental hazard proven to cause chaos.


Playlist Updates

So far, we know a few things are coming to Black Ops Cold War via the February 4 1.11 Update.

An "Endurance" playlist is coming to Fireteam: Dirty Bomb and will push your squad to its' limits.

Black Ops Cold War February 4 1.11 Update Fireteam Dirty Bomb
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BOOM - Fireteam: Dirty Bomb is large-scale Call of Duty chaos!

In this game mode, as soon as a bomb is detonated another will come online.


In addition to this, there's also going to be a score increase. Now, 1000 points will be needed to win! This is double the usual amount.

Prop Hunt is also getting a few more maps. These will be existing Black Ops Cold war Multiplayer maps, but fans of the mode will undoubtedly be excited.

Firebase Z

This is the highlight of the February 4 1.11 Update by a long-shot! ( Sorry, Multi fans... )

Firebase Z is the next instalment in the Dark Aether storyline and it's the newest Zombies Map coming to Black Ops Cold War.

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Firebase Z, actually known as Outpost 25, is the location of the latest Dark Aether outbreak and Reqiuem Team has to go in to sort things out.

Black Ops Cold War February 4 1.11 Update Fireteam Z Boss Promo
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CRAZY - Treyarch is going to deliver another outstanding Zombies experience

Firebase Z brings a new perk, new wonder weapon, new enemies, and more to the COD Zombies experience and promises to have an exciting Easter Egg to go along with it!


Weapon Balancing

Like with any title patch, the February 4 1.11 update will undoubtedly include some form of weapon balancing.

However, the official patch notes have not been released by Treyarch yet and we can only ponder on what this means.

Many players complain at the unbalanced nature of sniper combat in Black Ops Cold War; ADS flinching is practically non-existent when scoped in.

Black Ops Cold War February 4 1.11 Update Sims Sniper
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ADS - Do you think sniping needs to be nerfed in Black Ops Cold War?

In addition to this, the Krig-6 and MAC-10 continue to dominate the meta alongside the FFAR.

It's unsure as to whether there will be any balancing changes to these weapons, or whether other weapons might be buffed to help further-balance the meta. Only time will tell.


Update Information

The Black Ops Cold War February 4 1.11 Update will be approximately 9GB. This has been confirmed on PS4 and PS5 but seems accurate for Xbox consoles and PC.

As we approach the release date, it is also worth looking into pre-loading the update.

On the PS4 and PS5, pre-loading is currently available for the 1.11 update. It will go live approx. 7 AM GMT February 4th on all platforms.

Full Patch Notes

The full patch notes for the February 4 1.11 update are here! Check them out below:


  • Addressed an issue that led to choppy Voice Chat in some circumstances.



  • Express [NEW]
    • Express now available in map rotation in Core and Hardcore modes.
    • Express 24/7 playlist now available.
  • General
    • Addressed an issue with uneven map distribution in non-map voting playlists.


  • Endurance (40 Players) [NEW]
    • New high-player count mode available on Sanatorium, Ruka, and Alpine.
    • After one bomb detonates, a new one comes online to take its place, so five bombs are always available instead of an initial set that gets reduced to a single bomb before the next wave.
    • Score limit doubled from 500 to 1,000.
  • Prop Hunt
    • Added new maps to Prop Hunt rotation:
      • Express
      • Raid
      • Crossroads Strike
      • Armada Strike
  • Gunfight
    • Added Nuketown '84 to Gunfight map rotation.
    • 2v2 and 3v3 Gunfight now available in Custom Games.
  • Hardpoint
    • Updated Hardpoint Owned score event to increase in score the longer a player controls the Hardpoint. This score modifier will reset upon leaving the Hardpoint.
    • Reduced Hardpoint Secured score event from 50 to 25 score.
  • Dropkick
    • Reduced how late players can join a match in progress.
  • Control
    • Additional defender spawn points added and logic updated for the B capture point on Raid.
  • CDL Custom Game Modes
    • Increased player count to allow for two Spectators in CDL Hardpoint, CDL Search & Destroy, and CDL Control.

Featured Playlists

  • Express 24/7 [NEW]
  • Endurance FTDB (40 Players) [NEW]
  • Gunfight Blueprints (including Nuketown '84)
  • Prop Hunt (4 maps added to rotation)
  • 3v3 Gunfight Snipers Only
  • Face Off (3v3)
  • Nuketown 24/7


  • Launchers
    • Increased minimum damage for the two Launcher class weapons.


  • Addressed an issue where players inside smoke from a Smoke Grenade would gain aim assist against players outside the smoke.
  • Decreased hip-fire accuracy when priming a grenade while sprinting.

Music Player

  • Original Treyarch music unlocked via War Tracks can now be played in the Music Player in the Barracks, including "Pentagon," "Rooftops," "115," and "Damned."



  • Firebase Z [NEW]
    • New "Firebase Z" map now available via Endless and Round 20 playlists for all players.
  • Die Maschine
    • Players can now complete the full Omega Intel collection in “Die Maschine.”
    • Addressed an issue on "Die Maschine" that rarely positioned players outside of the map when teleporting from the Dark Aether.
  • Express (Onslaught - PS4/PS5)
    • Express now available in Onslaught on PlayStation.

Featured Playlists

  • Firebase Z Endless [NEW]
  • Firebase Z Round 20 [NEW]
  • Dead Ops Arcade Solo Advanced Start [NEW]
  • Onslaught Express [NEW] (PS4/PS5)


  • Tombstone Soda [NEW]
    • Tombstone Soda Perk now available in "Firebase Z" and via Der Wunderfizz in "Die Maschine."
  • Quick Revive
    • Addressed an issue that prevented Quick Revive from reducing the time it takes to regenerate to full health.


  • Napalm Strike [NEW]
    • Napalm Strike now available as Support in Zombies.
  • Artillery [NEW]
    • Artillery now available as Support in Zombies.
  • Self-Revive
    • The Self-Revive will now only drop if a player in the game can equip it.
    • Capped the maximum amount of Self-Revives that can drop in a game to the total number of players in the game.
  • Sentry Turret
    • Addressed an issue that allowed duplicating the Sentry Turret support item.


  • Assault Rifles
    • Increased critical hit damage on all assault rifles.
    • Increased max ammo stock on all assault rifles.
  • Submachine Guns
    • Increased critical hit damage on all SMGs.
    • Increased max ammo stock on all SMGs.
  • Shotguns
    • Increased base damage on the Streetsweeper shotgun.
    • Increased range of the Streetsweeper shotgun.
  • Blueprints
    • Addressed an issue that prevented attachments from appearing on the "Western Justice" Weapon Blueprint.


  • Level 1 Armor will now replace the first Armor Shard drop in a game when no players have Armor.

Ammo Mods

  • Cryofreeze
    • Reduced Cryofreeze cooldown from 3 seconds to 1 second to make it a more dependable method of slowing enemies.


  • Added new "Requiem Advancement” category of Challenges for future additions.
  • Added first set of six new Requiem Advancement Challenges: "Firebase Z Report."
  • Added new Dark Ops Challenge for “Firebase Z.”

Dead Ops Arcade 3

  • Solo Advanced Start [NEW]
    • New private playlist available for Solo players.
    • Allows players to start at their highest arena checkpoint reached in Solo mode. No stats or challenges are recorded, but achievements can be completed, including "Reunited with Fidolina."
  • Gameplay
    • Added new pickup item: Divine Shield Potion – Grants player Divine Shield buff that allows player to absorb one damage event (30 min. expiration).
    • Added new key spawn locations: Added to the high road tunnel route.
    • Added a 1.5-second damage shield on player while in First Person when damage occurs.
    • Made slight adjustment to multiplier progression.
    • Auto-life donation now begins automatically after Round 64. The player with the highest lives to spare will now donate to downed teammates with a cooldown of 120 seconds.
    • Addressed an issue where the player's shield was active even though effect was not visible.
    • Addressed an issue that prevented extra lives from being awarded at expected score thresholds.
    • Various gameplay bug fixes related to Fated Chicken disappearance, control bindings when exiting vehicles, unwanted deaths associated with traps, invisible electrical poles, missile turrets killing players, etc.
  • Enemies and Friendly AI
    • Greatly reduced Spider melee range.
    • Removed Skeleton boss from arena spawning.
    • Removed Demons from arena spawning.
    • Reduced Megaton melee distance.
    • Reduced Megaton arena spawn rate after Round 64.
    • Reduced Megaton health in arena.
    • Megaton Orb weapon is no longer a one-hit kill in arena.
    • After Round 64, enemy target selection behavior is now weighted entirely toward proximity.
    • Increased friendly skeleton horde health, enemy quantity, time duration, and weapon damage.
    • Addressed an issue where melee damage caused by a friendly skeleton guardian was not registering against enemies.
    • Addressed an issue where zombies could speed up while under the clock time slowdown effect.
    • Addressed an issue where explosive damage vs. Spider / Meatball enemies did not register correctly.
    • Addressed an issue where Spider enemies would not show up on radar.
    • Addressed an issue that allowed the Gladiator "Marauder" enemy to melee kill the player when it wasn’t facing the appropriate direction.
    • Addressed an issue where the Margwa was not dropping loot when killed.
  • Fates
    • Divine Chalice fated players now earn extra life 37.5% faster than standard players at every 125,000 points.
    • Divine Chalice fated users now respawn with temporary vitality buff.
    • Divine Shield fated players now respawn with Divine Shield buff.
    • After Round 64, when a Divine Shield fated player picks up a nuke drop, all players will now be granted a nuke.
    • Friendship fated player chickens now last 25% longer.
    • The Golden Chicken associated with Friendship Fate now periodically produces eggs in arena.
    • After Round 64, the Golden Chicken associated with Friendship Fate will now have permanently upgraded weaponry.
    • Addressed an issue that could prevent players from collecting a Fate in the Room of Fate when the room timed out (i.e. grabbing a Fate Rock with less than 4 seconds before the room expired).
  • Visuals
    • Added lighting in the Room of Fate above Fate Rock pedestals five and six.
    • Addressed an issue with various particle effects having visibility issues.
    • Addressed an issue that could prevent the player’s selected character skin from showing up correctly.
    • Weapons
    • Addressed an issue with the shotgun pickup that could cause it to initially begin firing slowly before speeding up.
  • Stability
    • Added various crash fixes.
  • General
    • Added various exploit fixes.
    • Added new camera mode: Extra High.
    • Addressed an issue where the player was not able to use the flashlight in First Person.
    • Addressed an issue with some collision in the Water Temple arena.
    • Addressed an issue in splitscreen mode where players would enter The Wild in shared viewport mode.

Onslaught (PS4/PS5)

  • Onslaught Express playlist now available on PlayStation. [NEW]
  • Spaced out special enemy spawns.
  • Added additional enemies to the mode from "Firebase Z."


  • Added various crash fixes.


  • Party Leader is no longer required to have Dead Ops Arcade 3 installed for their party to join for other Zombies game modes.
  • Addressed an issue that caused zombies to maintain a slowdown debuff forever if it ended while they were mantling.



  • Added various crash fixes.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when watching a replay in Theater.
  • Fixed a crash that could prevent the game from starting under some conditions on Windows 7.


  • Addressed an issue that could result in loss of keyboard/mouse functionality when opening and closing the Windows key + G capture menu.
  • Addressed an issue where players could get stuck in the pause menu under certain circumstances during a game.

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